The Univeristy Co-Op @ UT-Austin.

I'm going to come right out and tell everyone from the beginning - the campus bookstore at the University of Texas-Austin is the Cabela's of campus bookstores. I've been a few times now and each time I am re-mesmerized by all the burnt orange, hook 'em horns, and wacky stuff they have to show their pride in being a current, past, or future UT student. They actually have a special name for alums, "Texas Ex" - it's literally the name of the alumni association.

Like the Cabela's camo post ("An Ode to Camo"), we'll go from normal, to not-so-normal, to wacky-ass-shit:

The normal college bookstore stuff:



Bill. If your name's "Bill" or almost any other, they have a mug for you. But not "Blah".

Now, some kinda out there items:

Starting off small, just like the camo Crocs at Cabela's, but only in UT's burnt orange.

What every smart frat boy will be wearing at the tailgate... and puking on at the hayride.

How about a stained glass, pool table lamp shade that will let everyone who comes over to play know you mean business when it comes to UT.

And if that doesn't show your Longhorn pride enough, grab the $350 Lucchese cowboy boots. You can stomp your affiliation all over town.

Then you can grill everyone a burger with your Longhorn grill mitts.

Finally, the wacky-ass-shit you won't find at your TIS, Follett's or IUB - get ready, it ain't pretty:

UT Bath Rugs - how could you splish splash onto your school's colors like that?

Complete your UT rug collection with a set for your truck.

Is Santa a Texas Ex? It's never the wrong season for ornaments, is it?

Surprise, now your baby can show their allegiance at play dates.

And your dog can too, at the bark park.

When you come back from walking the dog...

Finish your "honey do" list with this new hammer you got (notice football inspired handle grip).

Put this new gnome in our south 40.

And brush your teeth before kissing me "good night".

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Victoria said...

and i thought u of i had a lot of unique items in their bookstores


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