Monterey Bay Aquarium.

So the Monterey Bay Aquarium is pretty dang cool. I will say it's a bit hard to rationalize the $30 entry fee once you see it all, as there's really only a handful of "amazing" things... but the handful of things make it pretty worthwhile.

And I not a pro-photographer, but the iPhone and my eye seem to have done a pretty good job. I suspect it's more the subjects than my skill. Enjoy the picture show.


Turning Japanese, #5.

muchy like a moth, I am attrached to lights and like to take pics of them
these were taken while walking in the very famous Gion district in Kyoto, where the geisha is still seen walking and working.

My home away from home (away from home)


Turning Japanese, #4.

cherry blossom trees are a HUGE deal in japan. they even have a word for the parties they have under them during the blooming season, it's that serious. though most cherry blossom trees were not quite out yet, we did get a glimpse of how amazing this place would be full of cherry blossoms. it was easy to understand why you'd have a party/picnic under them.

"standard" cherry blossom tree

"weeping" cherry blossom tree

not a cherry blossom, i forget which kind, but pretty

the third kind of cherry blossom tree, with small, dark pink, delicate flowers

a weeping cherry blossom tree in the Kiyomizu area


Monterey Aquarium, Sea Nettles.

Turning Japanese, #3.

Kiyomizu Temple grounds

their famous veranda - as I understand it, "taking a leap" from this veranda is a phrase that means to do something risky or out of faith. it's a big risk, you can't predict the outcome, but you do it anyways

don't look down, it is a pretty big leap

that same veranda from another viewpoint

Kiyomizu means "pure water". there is a very pure source in the mountains with three streams, which now stand for health, wealth, and wisdom. drink from all three streams and you'll be granted those. Thirsty?

the cherry blossoms were just about to burst out

shogun's castle - very cool place

even a shogun needs a pretty garden

and two, not just one, moats (inner and outer)

Golden Temple grounds, truly gilded temple

not a huge place, but def very shiny


Turning Japanese, #2.

isn't the last day always the sunny one? from the airport

namba shopping district

top o' the hotel, from their bar

view from my room, uhhh, at night

TransAmerica Bldg @ night


Crookedest Street in USA

Did someone say, "Opening Day"?

Finally, the Vans Chukka LX "Chicago Cubs" - You might want to go over to St. Alfred's in Wicker Park and snap up one of the twelve pairs of these that will be available for sale (if there are any left). And no, I don't care that they made a Sox version too. Go Cubs!!!


Turning Japanese, #1.

cherry blossom ice cream

lil squids

inoki, cabbage, gluten (glue) square

fugu = blowfish

"real" sushi (and the only plate of it we had in Japan)


"Don't mess with me...

... my shirt may say 'Pinch Me', but if you pinch me, I'll sock you right in the nose!"


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