Results, Poll #35, Celebrity News.

[for the 2nd time, I'm rewriting this whole post after doing something that Blogger doesn't like while editing the original. As I perform this editing, it removes/cuts the whole post, then Blogger "automatically saves" the entire, newly blank, page. It's an awesome Blogger feature.]

Anyways, here's what we all said about Celebrity News:
> 6 people (40%) chose 'yes, i'm addicted, all the websites are in my faves' - yikes, you should drop your venti latte and click over to salon.com.
> 8 people (53%) chose 'yea, i see some b/c it's everywhere, but i don't seek it out' - wow. it's certainly harder to stay away from this kind of news now than in the past. you can see it almost everywhere, besides the checkout line at the grocery store (which are now superstores). in fact, i've noticed a "celebrity" segment on many local news channels - yes, thanks for reporting the timely, topical, news of the day.
> 1 person (6%) chose 'not really, i try to steer clear as much as possible' - if you have some tips for us regarding how you do this, i'd like to hear 'em.
> 0 persons (0%) chose 'no, never' that's bad juju' - a bit telling, no?

So, is it the news sources fault for shoving it in our faces? Or are we all partly to blame? Kind of a shame really - I think it's a waste of our time and (some of) their talents.

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