Results, Poll #23, Pandas.

Not too long ago, myself and 3 others were out at dinner. The subject of pandas came up, mostly from the stories out of China that they were in trouble b/c of limited access to their favorite food, bamboo (due to the earthquake there). I wondered aloud what would change for us on a daily basis if the pandas were extinct (or any other animal). I don't even know that I've seen a panda at any zoo and certainly not in the wild. Of course, I have been to the zoo tons of times and really like them to this day (shout out to the LPZ polar bears!). Well, someone a bit wiser than me on this topic happened to say that I wasn't really looking at it the right way. A more accurate method would be to ask someone how much they would pay to keep pandas alive forever. Even if it's only $20/person, you take all that money from each of Earth's inhabitants and then keep adding each successive generations contribution... basically to infinity. You'd wind up with a good amount of money going on forever. This presumes, correctly I feel, that every other generation to come would pay money to keep pandas alive too. Of course, you have to have these funds available for all endangered animals, not just pandas (right?).

[awww, cute!!!]

In any case, from the poll, I believe that the animals are safe:
> 4 people (25%) chose that they would pay $100 to help the pandas - this is nice, make the checks payable to "Transplanted Chicagoan".
> 10 people (62%) chose that they could afford something less than the $100 for the pandas - this is the overwhelming majority (which is kind of rare on the polls) and I think speaks most accurately to what the American (world) public would be willing to spend. It would be interesting to make the poll $20 instead of $100 and see what the response is then.
> 0 people chose that the pandas aren't worth saving - good news if you're a panda (and can read) or work with pandas.
> 2 people (12%) chose that the choices didn't reflect their choice - well, I can't please everyone. But I would be interested in knowing what these two people wanted to choose - anyone?

Thanks for the voting, new poll up now. (I lifted the idea from a fellow blogger)


Things to do in MKE when you're bored.

Figuring out what to shoot next with you camera provides lots of entertainment -

Find more interesting tattoos:

If you can't figure this one out, the waitress told us it was orginally just the solid stars on her 21st bday, then got the elephant+more stars on her 22nd. Yes, it's the view of an elephant as if you were looking up from underneath. PS - people always are willing to let you shoot their tattoos... maybe too willing.

Get scared by gold bikes on the sidewalk:

Eat your heart out Racerveza!

Look at heavy machinery:

Lots of construction in the summer months, esp around the bridges in my 'hood.

And climb in:
I could not physically lift my head in the small bucket... nor do I want to encourage internet stalking by showing t.c readers what I look like.


Why no poll comments, Blogger?

I just got this in an email in regards to the "Panda Poll" that's up right now -

"PS - I can't answer your panda poll. Its too difficult of a question. I feel like I should pay the $100 dollars to save the panda but if I pay $100 for the panda then I'm shelling out thousands to save all the other animals. Where does it stop???? But I also get how important the panda is. See...too hard. Forget [.mk.] I'm just not answering."

I think it is a shame that t.c readers can't comment on the poll when it's current, only after I post the results. Maybe I need to send Blogger a note. I also think everyone should vote. This t.c reader could just have chosen the last one... maybe.


Why cyclists shave their legs.

Once someone finds out I'm in the cycling industry or that I ride more miles than most people, they will invariably ask, "Do you shave your legs?". Usually this person now has some sort of wry smirk on their face. I think it's a smirk either to prove to me I'm not a cyclist if I say "no", or to delight in the oddity if I say "yes".

Either way I respond, they always follow up the first question with a second, "(For God's sake) Why?". I've explained a bunch of times, but I defer to someone more qualified for this post.


A night on the town.

Recently, I almost had a "BuckHead" night, but closer to home. It was a small group of folks (or accomplices), including tDope, Bets, Jor, Hyde, and Rye. We started off nicely with some happy hour cocktails at a local Belgian pub, walked to dinner, sampled a handful of local bars and then topped it all off with fresh mini-donuts at Sil's and one more bar, just to take it way over the top. Oy.

The local establishment list goes like this - Cafe Brucke, Beans&Barley (dinner), Vitucci's, Paddy's, Eastsider, Sil's (donuts), and Y-Not (x3). We didn't see anyone dance with a barstool or fall down on their friend, but there was a dufus-in-low-pants altercation that almost resulted in me defending a woman's honor with my fists - luckily, that didn't fully escalate (esp lucky if you've seen my fists).

Again, pics might be the best illustrative tool for the job:

This is NOT a joke - waitress at B&B with her very own WI tattoo. Why not green and gold though?! Perhaps not a true Packer fan.

Drink it in!!! Literally, you'll be drinking at Vitucci's when you see it live. And if you can't quite see it, the small caption reads "wanna brat?"... aww, how romantic.

This is a reverse-mullet couch. "How?", you ask. Well, it's got the party in the front, on the couch. And...

... the business in the back. I'm not sure if you've seen one of these before, but it's a real-life motorized couch. They guy relaxing on it drove it to the bar. Street legal - probably in WI, yes.

Finally, a lovely painting of William Shatner, aka Captain Kirk. How could an evening in WI be complete without some Shatner impressions?


Results, Poll #22, Broken Bones.

I don't know about you, but I always had a small part of me wishing I could have a cast as a kid. You know, people would ask you what happened (and it would have been an epic story, no doubt), you'd get to wear a big (heavy) cast, and people would fill it with signatures and get-well wishes.

Well, if you didn't know, I (finally) broke a bone at my first job out of college, on a work event. It was a good crash, interesting story about the aftermath, and then it had to be re-broken to set it properly about a week later. The two different casts were quite heavy and cumbersome (and did not take signatures), so that lost its luster quickly. All the hype was probably just that, hype, but then again, I'm glad I've broken one just the same. It adds something to the palette of injuries I've had... but hopefully my total stays at one (knock on wood).

Here's what t.c readers responded:
> 2 people (15%) chose 1 broken bone - myself and I think a brother.
> 0 people (uh, 0%) chose all the other positive choices - no t.c reader has broken over 1 bone. This is a good thing and maybe those that have learn our lesson. I'm also not sure what I was thinking by putting "8+" as a choice. I don't think anyone in the Knievil family reads this blog.
> 2 people (15%) chose they haven't broke any, but kind of always wanted to break one - I'm going to guess these are both males, but I could be wrong. I also know the feeling, but having done it, I'm not sure I'd encourage this choice (esp if you're over 25 or so).
> 9 people (69%), the overwhelming majority, chose they haven't broken any bones, and they'd like to keep it that way - I agree.

Thanks for voting this week, new poll up.



Yeah, a whole post for bacon. Many of you may have probably seen this, but no matter - you'll still laugh again. Gaffigan did 4 min on bacon... you should watch it all.


Results, Poll #21, Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

Well, for the 4 of you that were caught unaware, the Olympics *are* back this year. They're going to be held in a country called China, in a city called Beijing. This is a big deal b/c China is a communist country, and the Olympics usually shy away from controversy. But not this year, this year it will be all contro - from pollution to human rights. It should be very interesting... and they'll be a bunch of those interesting sports-human-interest stories too, no doubt.

So what did the t.c readership have to say about tuning in?

> 2 people (14%) said they'd watch every minute - wow, do you need a summer job?
> 6 people (42%) said they'd probably watch some of it - I mean, how can you not?!
> 1 person (7%) said yes, but only if the smog lifts enough to see it - and don't forget to recycle!
> 1 person (7%) said they'd catch some if they have to - wow, don't strain yourself.
> 4 people (28%) said they basically had no clue it was going on this summer - now either the t.c audience is pulling my leg, or many of you need to get over your angorophobia, pick up a newspaper, jump online (wait, if you saw my poll...?), turn on the TV. I don't understand this response. Perhaps I worded it poorly.

It only proves that just when you think you understand humanity, people will always surprise you.


If the devil was made into a snack cake.

I generally consider myself to be fairly iron-stomached. That is, I can eat almost anything (within reason... and without reason) and not be too badly affected. I've eaten lots of things "on a dare", many of which you're aware of (and if you're not, I prob shouldn't rehash it... ooh, corned beef hash). The ping-pong ball-sized hunk of wasabi was still probably one of the worst, but I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Unless it's for $6, cash.

Having said all that, is it any wonder that I ignored the friendly warning of "Don't eat them all, they'll hurt your stomach"? I'd had my eye on the Cakester for some time, being of fan of novel foods. So when I got to my local Walgreen's register for the 2nd time in as many weeks and they were *still* 3 for $2, I had to buy. How could I not? Mind you, this is 3 packs, each pack containing 3 small cakes. I got 2 Oreo and one newer Nilla variety.

I know what you're thinking - "Gosh, those sound *good*, mk!" Don't believe it.

These are the devil of snack cakes.

After having 2 little Oreo cakes and 1 little Nilla cake mid-morning the other day, I could not help but feel recharged by the massive amounts of sugar surging through my veins. So much so, that I had trouble concentrating (more than normal) and I think I even started to sweat in strange places. After that subsided, the stomach pains began. It was like I had eaten moldy cheese, wrapped in bad mexican food, covered by wasabi. I didn't feel right again until I had a commercial-sized peppermint tea from Whole Foods late in the day. Peppermint calms the stomach naturally, you know?

I probably shouldn't have had three in rapid succession, or on a relatively empty stomach... but it's still no excuse for so much bad stuff in such a small & pretty package (aimed squarely at kids?). If you get nothing out of this post, heed this warning - stay away from the Cakesters!

[ final note: 3 cakes have 370 calories and 17g of fat - wowza!]


Rain rain, go away?

As you may have heard, WI was hit with some large rain totals over the last 5-7 days. In fact, we're about .83" from the all time June total for rain, with most of the month left AND an expected 2-3" in the next 2-3 days.

I think it's going to get more interesting around these parts, before it gets better. Oh, and as someone being interviewed on WGN said last night, it all runs down to IL eventually.

The famous Tommy Bartlett Show just lost all of the water from the lake it performs on, Lake Delton. This video is one of the homes on the lake, being washed away. Of course, the show will go on, just not the watersking (or, waterskiing?) part.


Cubs on the run.

Have you ever been away from ESPN, TV, cable, a radio, the internet, etc. long enough not to know how your favorite team did? Well, with a simple text message*, you can find out the most recent outcome of your team. Simply send a text with your team's name to Team TXT at '65246'. They'll send one back to you in seconds with the vital info.

Me: Cubs
Team TXT: Cub results for 6/10, CHC 10, ATL 5, F, Next: vs ATL, 6/11, 7:05PM CT

Pretty cool if you're out of touch.

* text messaging rates from your carrier will apply.


All I want for Christmas.

Am I actually going to talk about Christmas gifts in June? Yes, I am. While it maybe a bit premature, I want to give t.c readers enough time to figure out how to pull this one off for the man in their life. This should give everyone enough of a head start to figure out how to make it happen. If anyone wants to send me one too, so be it.

Have you seen this yet!!!

I believe commercials just stared playing on TV too... if you don't skip them with your fancy cable boxes. In a nutshell:
"With BeerTender® Model B95, you'll develop a newfound appreciation for beer...as if you didn't possess one already. It's got all the beauty and finesse of the B90, with a few enhancements. Notably, the liquid crystal display. This digital gauge provides you with beer level status and a convenient freshness calendar. You can also pre-set your desired temperature at 36ºF, 39ºF or 42ºF, upping the B95's cool factor even more." MSRP is $299.

And don't just think I'm the only guy in your life that would want one of these... a civilized man's kegerator would be any guy's ultimate gift idea.


Results, Poll #20, Stimulus Package.

"Stimulus package". Seems like an off-color description for a pretty serious problem, no? Well, as odd as it maybe, the federal government is hoping we spend our checks. If the results ain't lyin', many of us haven't even seen the check yet. Maybe it'll come right in time for you to fill your gas tank.

> 5 people (29%) chose it will be spent on goods/services (as intended) - Uncle Sam wants You!
> 4 people (23%) chose it will be spent on previously incurred debt - I consider this simply having spent my check many months or even years ago. Yes, I see the future and knew we would be getting "stimulated".
> 3 people (17%) chose saving it for a rainy day - I actually think most Americans need to learn the habits of saving.
> 5 people (29%) chose that they haven't even got the check yet - well, you can find information about your check here. Although if your parents still do your taxes, you might just want to ask them... maybe they spent it.

Now, it's time to get out there and spend!
Or save.
[Wow, the 20th poll! and 17 respondents, sweetly done.]


That voodoo that you do.

Long story short - After looking up the Urban Assault Ride series online and looking at their blog, I found out about, what looks to be, one of the sweetest (literally) stores on the planet - it's named Voodoo Donuts and is located in Portland, OR. Do I have to remind anyone how much I like donuts? And really all sugar-based or fried foods for that matter.

In any case, they have insane flavors, like:

Triple Chocolate Penetration, with Cocoa Puffs on top.

Bacon Maple Bar, with [duh] bacon on top. Yes, Craigers, bacon.

Dirty Snowballs, like the real ones, but dirty.

And for all you vegans, vegan friendly donuts, made with real vegans!

Portland seems like a very bike & donut friendly city. Lucky bastards. I'm going to have to find out for myself one day.


I don't make jokes.

There are some days when the bike industry almost doesn't seem real. I'm sure some of you feel like this in your industry, but maybe not everyone? Well, for those that don't get to see what I get to see, here's some product examples from the bike industry - all are fo' real!

Just woke up?

Cove "Stiffee" MTB frame. This is just a warm-up.

Need a handlebar for your BMX bike?

Failure Roseanne Bars. Man, did we watch the heck out of Roseanne... the whole family liked it.

And to finish it up....

POW "Shocker" Gloves. If you don't know what this is, good. If you do, keep it to yourself. If you know Najah or Christine, please forward the t.c blog address.

And if you really think any of this is a joke, just click on the hyperlink and purchase it.



I know I need to protect my eyes, but with Rx glasses costing so much, these almost begin to look good - HD WrapArounds. It reminds me of grandparents and uncles though... maybe I'm not old enough to wear these?

Help me.


Results, Poll #19, Swimmin'.

Wow, swimming really brings out all the responses, 17 this week - back up to acceptable levels. I thought with the weather getting a little nicer (it was 80 here in MKE last weekend, even if only for mere hours) that people might start thinking about swimming. I know as the temps rose, my thoughts turned to pool fun as a kid. Swimming was probably the best way to get all 5-7 of us out of the house, and it was lucky then that we had a pool (nothing fancy, just 18' in diameter and 4' above ground). Never the less, it was fun all summer. We often spent most of the day in our trunks. Swimming, sunning, eating, and then back to swimming (even at night on occasion).

Anyways, here's how it washed out this week:
> 8 people (27%) chose "1" suit - maybe we all need one more?
> 5 people (44%) chose "2-4" suits - ooh-la-lah, fashion plates!
> 2 people (11%) chose "4-6" suits - I'm going to need pics of all of them, b/c you better be a knockout to own that many swimming suits.
> 1 person (5%) chose "7+" suits - I didn't know supermodels read my blog. And if this is a guy, stop reading my blog.
> 1 person (5%) chose "No swimming for me" - well, that's a shame, you should learn now, seriously it's fun, like a big bath without the soap.

PS - no one noticed (or at least told me) that I used the number four on two of the choices. My bad.


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