New meaning to the phrase, 'hairy palms'.

Now, I don't know if you all know, but it's really friggin' cold up here in the winter. It's not been too bad of late, but now that I've typed those words, I'm sure we'll get 12" of the fluffy white stuff and then it'll be below zero degrees Fmeright right up until the 4th of July.

However, I saw this in martinpatrick a week or so ago and couldn't help but click a pic.

They told me they'd sold out of previous stock and have had to reorder them on at least one occasion this winter. Who knew? They had different versions and this particular model is a grizzly bears paw, made into a glove for a human hand. Just kidding. It's actually faux fur on the outer side, leather on the palm side. I did not stick my hand in, but I'd bet it's soft. They were also stocking a rabbit version.

My only remaining question - I know it works for wild animals, but wouldn't my hands be warmer if the fur was on the inside?
But then I suppose no one could see my dedication to animals.


Cycle Chic from Copenhagen, a reminder.

[how cool is this shot!]

Don't forget that you can see tons of cool city shots from around the world, often with a cycling theme, at the Cycle Chic blog. I recommend it to cure skin irritations, work irritations, and personal irritations. Many of their pics make awesome screen savers and wallpapers, I kid you not (boy, I hope they don't mind people using 'em for that).


Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium “Cosby Sweater” QS

Did you know I have a BIG thing for "fresh kicks"? And I don't use that term often. Well, here's something interesting from Nike. I found this at NiceKicks.com, a great sneaker head blog. This is a shoe based on the ugly sweaters Bill Cosby wore on the TV show. I can't think of better inspiration for a shoe.


Results, Poll #62, #63 and #64, the mash up.

Now that the polls have closed, we can have a big poll results party.
I hope you've brought an appropriate gift for the party's host...

#62, Cell Carriers:
Verizon - 4 (28%)
AT&T - 7 (50%)
Sprint - 2 (14%)
T-Mobile - 1 (7%)
Pay-as-I-go - 0
Other - 0
Uhh, cell carrier? - 0

Interesting, perhaps the iPhone has had an effect. I think they for sure have the most expensive monthly contracts. I, for one, am getting a little tired of it, even though I do find the iPhone helpful, at times, aggravating at others... mostly when I'm paying my monthly bill or when I have to delete and reload all the apps I use (this has happened at least 4 times).

#63, Economy help with Holiday Shopping:
Yes, I did all my shopping beforehand - 3 (23%)
Somewhat, I did some shopping - 4 (30%)
Somewhat +, I did some beforehand and lots for myself at aftersales - 4 (30%)
Bah humbug! - 2 (15%)

Wow, hope I'm not on the Bah Humbug's lists! And I have to say, there maybe nothing better than getting a deal/steal. Something about increasing the perceived value of an item simply by paying less. Forget the fact if you need it or not, right?

#64, NYE:
1, Just my house - 7 (63%)
2-4, I had some fun - 4 (36%)
5-7, I had too much fun - 0
???, Still don't know how I woke up where I did - 0

Double wow, the t.c readership seems to be downright adult-like. Didn't anyone light their hair on fire or makeout and wake up with a "#1"? Seems like an opportunity missed, no? Perhaps more like a bullet dodged. And I also don't feel so bad for being part of the first choice. Of course, no one was there with me, but still, I feel better.

Thanks for all the responses. I'm working on more polls... One up now!!!


[repost] Lindt Excellence, Dark w/ Sea Salt

Since it is St. Valentime's Day (yes, with an 'm'), I thought I would repost this one. It was originally sent to my blog from my email, but all the text was cut off. Boooo, Blogger.

But now, I can wax poetic about this delicious and deliciously cheap chocolate bar. For one, it's dark chocolate. There's tons of stories about this being the healthy chocolate choice, and I for one feel much healthier after chowing an entire bar of the stuff. Second, it's from Walgreens. Who doesn't have a Walgreens (or similar 'highend' store) near them?. Thirdly, it's about $3. Now if you don't have $3 for that special someone, you should quit while you're ahead. And finally, this tastes great! It was a wonderfully rich dark chocolate flavor, with a hint of salt that hits as the flavor finishes on your palette. Who doesn't like the one-two punch of salty-sweet?


Fancy Easy Saturday Lunch

I don't know if it's all the PBS cooking shows on Saturday or the fact that I have lots of time, but once in a while I'll make a little fancier lunch. This is a good one I've come up with - TJs whole wheat naan (great for 'open face'), TJs crunchy peanut butter, soy cream cheese (oh please, just try it!), honey from the little bear, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Together it all works very well. And the apple helps cut the stickiness/sweetness, as needed. Try it. Make it for the kids. Heck, have the kids make it for you.


Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Have you heard of this test before? Have you taken it before? Well take it again and put your four letter code in a comment on this post. It'll be fun. Do it. Then see if the results match what you think/know about yourself. You might be surprised.

Goto here.



Look out!!! Coming at you!!!

Can you see the legs hanging off the back of my bike? Wait for it....

Some random, yet maybe not so random shots of the trip to Amsterdam.

Don't show the kids this one. No helmet, only one working headlight, friend's life on the back rack, 3am, beer-fueled, and freezing my heinie off... which only makes you go faster. And this is a common occurrence in this city (and I suspect many others in Europe). Not to mention, the pic is taken from another bike, with another boy & girl, who also have been "enjoying the nightlife of A'dam". Good times.

You may want to stock up for the flight home. You know you're going to be crying on the plane. The chocolate will make you feel better, just like in Harry Potter... and maybe it'll be playing on the plane's movies too.

This is a 2 meter sculpture in Schiphol airport that changes colors. They have about 6 of them in one of the terminals, all with different faces and all with changing lights. Kind of cool, and a bit scary to see when getting out of a "can" after 8 hours in the air.

This isn't the last one... waiting on some more pics.


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