I had seen this "man store" in a few local magazines and only just the other day stumbled upon one in Minneapolis' warehouse district. This is #3, and I presume they have at least two other locations. Check it out with me, won't you...

Well, so far, so good. It looks like man stores I've been in before (Chicago, NYC, etc)...

They have lots of leather goods, manbags, watches, travel kits...

Some choice clothing items, hats, belts, buckles... Well, you get the idea. They had some very unique items too, like a range of stainless steel wallets, made with woven bits of steel - pretty cool. They also had trendy reading glasses, pens, unique cards, and things one would light to make their dwelling smell nice. Overall, I though it was one of the best man stores I'd ever encountered. Good job, Mr. Martin Patrick.

I'm just going to let this one speak for itself. And no, they do not allow you to "read" this book in the store.


License Plate Revival.

I found one more plate to add to the fun... and I still can't seem to get out from behind the Cheese Curtain, even in another state.


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