Bonnie Bramlett.

Did you watch Rosanne as a kid? Since it was the number one or two rated show for its first few seasons, chances are good that you did. And if you were raised in a family of seven kids in the 80s and 90s, "near" the fictional town of Landford, IL, chances were real good. 

To this day, I still remember this scene at the end of an episode, for being very poignant and one of the first glimpses into the world of music and the blues. I feel Bonnie Bramlett doesn't amazing job with the song and conveying the end of the episodes' story line. 

If you've never seen it, watch it now. 


Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen, Minneapolis (Eat Street), MN


We hit this relatively new spot during Restaurant Week, and what a nice place to find respite in on a Friday night after a long week. 

We went with their RW Dinner menu, and chose salad and soup, to split, then the gnocchi and cassoulet, then a carrot and pumpkin cupcake, again to split. Besides some minor oddities, it was all very good, especially the entrees...I mean, carrot gnocchi, please. 

(That's not the salad)

Beer flight. 

I'd go back at normal price and I've heard they do a mean brunch. Count me in. 


Taco Bell AM Crunch Wrap.

No, this wasn't a dare, but I could see why you might think that. Like many of America's poor food choices, I had not prepared for the day, I was hungry, and a coworker had an extra one. So, like any good, red blooded American, I ate it. 

I will admit, it tasted good. It went down just fine, and sure it sat heavy in my stomach for a time, but what kind of meal like this wouldn't a 9am? The full feeling seemed to disapate within a normal amount of time and it was business as usual in the ole internal food safe. 

Would I seek out more? Probably not. Am I hooked? I don't think so. Would I eat another free one after a poorly planned morning that left me hungry? Likely. 


Luceline Orchard, Watertown, MN

If you need something to fill your fall fun day, do what we did and pull up a coupon from LivingSocial for Luce line farms in Watertown, MN. They have a good set-up to host your gathering of friends and family for fall fun. 

Highlights include: pumpkins, apples, wine vinyard, cornhole, a corn box, barnyard animals, grilled meats (with a great apple-onion relish), hay bale mountain, hayrides, miniature pony rides, gift store, pre-picked apples to bring home, and more. 

I'm willing to bet your family and friends could easily blow a few hours here on one of the last few, sunny fall weekend days. 


6-month old footprints.

If anyone has cuter nephew footprint, Halloween-themed, creature artwork, lmk.


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