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"Dear Frances" - this is the site of Tom's friend Miles, who I've met before. He's a woodworker. He offers handmade wood kitchen utensils. Tom gave me a few and I have to say, they are wonderful. This is further proven by the fact that his site says they are all sold out. I would keep going back if you like nice kitchenware.

"Food Network Addict" - this is the site of Abby's friend Jacob Strauss. He started this sometime back (I believe), so far in fact that the FN actually gives him info and access over other media outlets. It's pretty cool. Also, if you watch any of the shows or like the FN in general, I think you'll like this site.

Merry Christmas!!!

It's already post-present time at my sister's house as I write this. I hope everyone has a good holiday spent with family and friends. I caught a cold from work on the last day, but the BIG present seems to have gone over. That's it, it just went over. I'm sure I built it up bigger in my mind and on this blog than it needed. I'll post a pic of the finalized version after the New Year (once everyone has theirs).

Little Christmas Trivia - I heard Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer was originally written as a holiday jingle for the Chicago Montgomery Wards store, by none other than Gene Autry, in 1938. He also has writing credits on IMDB for one or two other popular Christmas songs ("Here comes Santa Claus")... pretty good for the man known as the "Singing Cowboy".

Happy Ho Ho, Everyone.


"In 5 days, every secret will be revealed!"...

This is the trailer copy for National Treasure II. George and I saw the first one on some free passes out in the suburbs around noon on a Saturday morning. We've made fun of the that trailer copy "In order to break the code, one man must break all the rules!" ever since. I still think the 2nd movie will be a good holiday flick, why not?

Family - I'm sure it's holiday crunch time for everyone. Talked to John last week to give him my gift ideas. And also texted with Vic. She finished her first semester at UofI - CONGRATS!!! She knows she already has a couple of "A"s, so that's good. Got through her finals, even one on the last Saturday (I know, Saturday!).

Plus, my custom gift work is all wrapped now and ready to go. I'm not sure all of the sizing will be correct, but I can send in a follow-up order if needed.

Friends - I got a welcome call from Miss Emily Holliday last night. This is a good friend and former SRAMmie. She now lives in Minneapolis with her boyfriend/babydaddy. She is literally 8.75 months pregnant and about to pop. She's frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. I'm sure it won't be long. It was good to catch up with her and I think I'll be visiting when I go up there for a work trip in Feb.

Haven't heard much from others, but Jenny's been coming to MKE for work the last couple weeks. Some client in town. We're thinking she'll be able to stay for dinner one of these nights.

Went to the opening of MKE's first Urban Outfitters this Friday. It's just like every other UO. So, we hit some more local shops and got more drinks after that. Better than sitting at home.

Bike - Sold one out. Kona is disassembled and ready to be boxed. Finding a proper box for them has been a problem. I've gone to two shops already and it will probably involve a third. Once I have the box, it shouldn't be a problem - out before midweek with the Christmas gifts too.

Ran in the snow on Sunday morning... not good footing at all.

A/R - Rearranged the apartment this weekend. This entailed moving the bookshelves (taking most everything off, dusting, then replacing). Switching the couches up, moving the carpet, lighting, etc. Before everything went back down, or in the new spot, I also vacuumed and wet-Swiffered the floors too. This took a good part of the Packers game, but no big deal. I like it better too, so far.

Wiperblade update - I had to zip-tie one of the $15 wiper blades onto the wiper arm. It wouldn't stay on otherwise; some great product for them money. I needed them too... we've now had 22.8" of snow so far this season.



Christmas Gift Delivery has arrived - The custom ________ are in from the custom ________ maker. They look great and everyone I've been telling the plan to here at work and around town has been behind it. I hope it turns out well on Christmas morning when everyone opens them, or the rest of the day will be spent in the dog house. [Not to be confused with Milwaukee's Dogg Haus]


Political Leanings.

I've never been too political, but some news stories this weekend have gotten alot of airtime. It's got me thinking about our current president and the potential for a future one. I'm of the opinion that anyone who voted for Bush the first time is of questionable intelligence. And it follows, that anyone who voted for Bush a 2nd time has proven that they do indeed lack intelligence. As for this coming race, I don't know who the perfect candidate is yet, but I would like someone that is intelligent & honest, no matter what race, sex, or religion they may be.

Now, onto the entry -

Family - Mom has had her BDay and I've heard it included a brunch at the Greenwood Snack Shop. This is a local "greasy spoon", but in the best sense of the word. In fact, I loved the few times we went there as kids, but haven't been back in ages. It's the kinda place where the kids got to sit at the counter and watch the food get cooked, while mom and dad hung back and sat in some quiet. I'll have to sneak over during the holidays, if I get the chance.

Friends - Not too much going on 'round these parts. Haven't caught up with anyone in a week or more, but hopefully it's the calm before the storm of the holidays. I should be able to see most folks before heading back up to the great white north. Oh, and I have really small, yet powerful, gifts for everyone. If I don't see you, you ain't getting it.

I did get out for a fun night last Wednesday. A friend of a friend that lives nearby invited me out to a cheap burger night. Chicago has the same thing at many local watering holes, and this one was also a a "college" bar. So, for $1.75, not including the cheese or bacon, you can grab a burger. The bar also has $1-$1.25 beer specials for most of the night. It was a fun time with 3 guys and 2 girls. I think I got home at midnight, on a Wednesday... this doesn't happen alot anymore.

Bike - Finding some bike boxes and hoping I get the last of the parts. No riding is happening with all the snow now (least for me), but I have begun running again. It's a quick 25-30 minutes, but outside with temps of 10-25 degrees, it's pretty interesting. This will get me through the winter too, no problemo.

A/R - Floss. That's the word from the new dentist and, as we all know, has been the word in oral hygiene for as long as I can remember. I've recently been "caught" at the dentist and started doing it for real. Twice a day and it's paying off already. Once you get into a routine with it, it's not so bad anyways. I'd recommend the regular ole floss string.


Family - Talked to my Dad this past week and seems like they're doing good. I'm sure getting ready for the holidays and my Mom's bday on the 7th (also Pearl harbor Day). On a related note, I completed all of my family and friends Christmas shopping in one fell swoop this past Saturday. It's a single gift item, but one for each person. I designed it myself and phoned it all in. It'll take a couple of weeks for it to arrive, but it should be in plenty of time. Now, I only need to finalize a creative way to wrap them all (I prefer not using wrapping paper as guys never wrap it right, and it seems like a big waste).

Friends - Big news - I completed the LakeFront Brewery Tour. This is the $10 tour, $5 food coupon, fish fry, and polka band all in one. I went with a friend of a friend... someone I met through George's Meet-Up Indie Rock Group. We did it Friday night after work and some more dental grinding for me. We walked quickly from our neighborhood in the cold air of the evening. Once inside the warm, yeasty, confines, it was all beer. Dinner first, then tour tickets, then the tour. Not too much techincal info, but just enough. Plus, after every techincal stop, you get a beer refill stop. Not too shabby. After that, we went to another local bar called "Wolski's". It's a great local watering hole that I just had to check out. All in all, a good night - one that required something greasy and cheesy the next morning.

Work - Progression is not a light-speed occurence, but I do see it happening. That's enough for me at this time. Still, I like the group of people we have assembled and many of the "all-stars" are beginning to show themselves.

Bike - The snow has hit Milwaukee, and most of the Midwest and US. The bikes stayed in the weekend. Getting the Kona ready for its new home, just waiting on some last parts. Bikes come and go. I'd like to get out for some riding/running before the next holiday hits, but the tooth just got refixed, so I'll let all that heal up before pushing it outside in the cold.

A/R - I've been making a conscious effort as of late to not accept grocery bags at stores. I carry a TJ's re-usable bag for groceries, otherwise it's usually a purchase of one to a few items, and there's no need for a plastic bag for this - I mean, it just goes from the store, to my car, to home, then usually gets used within hours. A bag is silly. However, I've now run out of bags... which isn't such a big deal, but it hurts a person like me who sorts and bags all of his recycling. Luckily, I just got some paper bags from WholePaycheck b/c I forgot my TJ's bag. Nuts and Yea!


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