You thought your car tires were expensive?

Price out a set of these badboys! 

I passed this oversized load on I-80 as I travelled through Iowa. I believe they mate to the Caterpillar 797 series dump trucks. Goto: 



Honeypie Cafe, Bayview, MKE, WI, Take 2

In what can only be described as a Christmas Eve Eve miracle, I was able to swing back into MKE and have dinner at this great spot in Bayview.

I don't have pictures of all our food, but it was all delicious. We were so hungry that even the pics I do post are of half-eaten plates...because it looked to good to wait and the vultures I went with gave me no time for pics. (kidding on the vultures part) How about starting the meal with Pork Fries? Think Irish Nachos with pulled pork on top. And on a super cold winter night, how about a Chicken Biscuit Pie? Fuggettaboutit!

Finally, the pie. This was a long time coming and totally worth the wait. We had our thinking caps on and "reserved" two slices even before being seated for dinner. This pie is the stuff of legends. Cookies n' Cream and Butterscotch. Wow.

Bradstreet Crafthouse, Minneapolis, MN

You know this restaurant and cocktail lounge is located in the Graves Hotel, right? Have you been able to check it out yet? No. Why not? Go ahead, get over there for some tasty small plates and one-drink-is-probably-enough cocktails.

Oh, the cocktails shown below are non-alcoholic, so they have that option covered too...and they were equally delicious.


Forage Modern Workshop, Minneapolis, MN

Having been in a few times now, I know Forage offers a few unique aspects. It's a furniture store, it's an arts n crafts store, it's a MN-made showcase, it's a sustainable materials store, and it's a gift shop.

I always find things to look at closely and often wish to purchase. These have to be the best doormats ever (pic). They have a ton more fun, creative, soft, interesting, smell-nice items too. You'd be surprised.

Plus, it shares its space with Parka, a great place for Dogwood coffee, a quick bite, or a full-on upscale dinner. As them about their "effervescent white chocolate", if you dare.


Glad Sankta Lucia Dagens

For anyone in Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries, today is a special pre-Chirstmas ("Jul") holiday known as Sankta Lucia Dagens, and one of the few days in which they celebrate a saint. They seem to celebrate mostly with a ceremony for the children, having special "pageants" at schools. The most trippy part is one young girl is chosen to wear a wreath of candles on her head in the procession. I think in years past it was actual lit candles, but I'm not sure they use open flames now.

I know, awesome picture quality...
I know some people that actually went to one today to watch their kids take part (or at least stand silently and give emotional support to their classmates).

You can read more about it HERE.
And I thought this VIDEO was also helpful.


I have a confession

... I love fruitcake. The oddly moist-with-alcohol cake. The strangely chewy preserved fruit. The moderate lightheadedness after eating too much as a kid (and adult). I love it.

And black jelly beans too.


Beef, Pork & Rutabaga

...yes, I do want those three flavors in a compact pastry wrapped bundle! And half of this WI-born pasty has over 500 calories. I can see why it would be great to take down a mine shaft for lunch. It also makes a decent dinner, for non-miners.

By the way, it is pronounced "past-ey"...do not pronounce it "paste-ey" (the latter you can find in stripclubs).


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