Hotel Tip.

Do you know what the two dirtiest items are in the hotel room you just checked into? Well, it's the bedspread and the remote control. Toss that bedspread into the corner (though they love to place it back each morning) and follow these steps for the remote.

Unwrap a cup from the barware or coffee service -

And place the wrapper over the remote. Bingo-Bongo! Now it's safe... from God knows what.


Biggest 'cock I've ever seen.

Whoa!!! Get your head out of the gutter. This is the biggest shuttlecock I have ever seen, taken on the grounds of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and their surrounding sculpture gardens. It's gotta be like 12 feet high. They had at least three of them on the grounds in various positions. There's a picture on their homepage of a family picnicking under the shade of this one. Geez, that's big.


KC Masterpiece?

During a recent trip to this city in two states and the same name... I had a great afterwork walkabout and found their Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and it's outdoor sculpture park. I didn't pay anything to "get in" and it was a great place to get out and walk, especially after a long day at the office.

Just a unique house on the way...

I don't know of this is THE Thinker, but it said Rodin on the plaque

A house on the way home...

Is this "real" art or found art?


the shoe fairy dropped by...

... and I now find myself with 6 more pairs of shoes, all Vans. The actual story is a little more involved, but it's a nice surprise, especially for a novice sneakerhead like myself. Astute t.c readers will notice only 5 different shoes pictured below. The 6th pair is a cycling shoe that doesn't really fit the group (but are sweet none the less).

These are all from a premium line from the Vans brand called Off The Wall, or OTW for short. Shoes in this line incorporate nicer leathers, suedes, patent leathers, etc. The 3 high-tops are all the same model in different "colorways", the 2 lowtops follow the same story.


Friday the 13th.

Legend has it...
- If 13 people sit down to dinner as a group today, oen will die within the year.
- Many cities do not have a 13th St or 13th Ave.
- Many buildings don't have a 13th floor
- 13 witches in a coven
- If you have 13 letters in your name, you will have the devil's luck - Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, and albert De Salvo all have 13....

... be careful tongiht.


A Capitol Idea.

If you ever find yourself in Madison, WI I would suggest doing as the locals do and walk around downtown as much as you can. You'll hopefully find yourself at the farmer's market during the day and at night you can have an impromptu barcrawl, like I (sorta) did.

Do start the night off right with a good "base". Head over to the Great Dane and get the brat plate. Wash it down with one of their deliciously smooth brews and head out for the night. Good start.

After your drinking binge, get a close-up shot of the Capitol Building all lit up. I'm sure you're wondering, was this an early night or late night? I'll never tell. But the ride home was fun and very very dark. I think the city of Madison saves money but not installing street lights. I wonder what their crime rate is like because of it.

And finish the long weekend barcrawl with a special image on your way to brunch. Perhaps you even take a little siesta on this sitting-on-the-curb, soaked-in-rain, mattress set.
Only in a college town.


Blue Plates Special.

During last month's travel back to IL, I was able to snap some sweet license plate shots during my 1000+ miles of driving. I thought I would post them for your viewing pleasure. And if you don't like them, at least pretend.

I don't know which one is my favorite (I don't usually have favorites). I will tell you that LENDOG 3 was a younger guy wearing no shirt while driving - always a sign of quality. I also wonder if there are two to three other LENDOGs in IL. LENDOG, LENDOG 1, LENDOG 2, and do they all know each other? Do they have a club and club meetings and pay dues?

SPANK IT, in the Corvette... was a spank. The only people that buy Corvettes are middle aged (dudes) who can finally afford one and who's wives let them buy it.

PRAYD 4 is one I appreciate the creativity of, but also wonder if it means they were prayed for and have many blessings OR they actually prayed for a Porsche Cayenne SUV. If it's the latter, they should have chosen SPANK 3 for their plate. (see how I combined the first two plates?)


How underdogs can win: newyorker.com

I think some of the t.c readership may find this interesting:

How underdogs can win: newyorker.com

That Malcolm Gladwell sure writes a mean article


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