Find the angel.

Can you see the angel? This was of my own making, the first one in many many years. Luckily, we are not for want of snow in MN.


Quotes for the day.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.
  - Anais Nin
Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.
  - W. Somerset Maugham
The secret of eternal youth is arrested development.
  - Alice Roosevelt Longworth


Cyclist vs. Goliath?

I thought it was pretty funny to see a typical professional cyclist next to an American professional football player. This is Tom Danielson (on Garmin-Transitions, I believe) and former pro tightend Shannon Sharpe (Denver Broncos). They happen to be at an announcement event for The Quiznos Pro Tour, a new American professional bike race that will take place this summer, all in the state of Colorado. Both the guys happen to live there now... well, at least Danielson's official residence is there. Shannon looks like he could still play too.


Midnight Project

So this is what I came upon after a LOOOOONNNNG evening for work in Milwaukee. I was driving back to the hotel (not realy near downtown) and I had to navigate through this to get back. I thought I would be on a shortcut, but this turned out to be much more interesting and perhaps only a bit longer.

They were moving that huge hunk of metal into the roadway, with giant lights blazing and about 50 people standing around watching - and not just the workers (hardy har). Cripes, having to sleep through this nearby would have been a lesson in patience... long live progress?


Interesting Cycling Video, TEDxCopenhagen, Cycling Chic Blogger

I think many of you may find this interesting. It's from a blogger I really enjoy (he posts his photos of regular everyday cyclists in Copenhagen). This is a video from a conference in which he discusses "The Good Life" and how it seems as though most people are conditioned to do what their told to fear.


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