Now that's our niece!!!

Seriously, this is worth the jump.
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Someone lost their job.

If you can't spell this right at one of the city's large public
library locations, that's a problem.


Muddy Waters Coffee Canteen; Minneapolis.

So, for those of you yet to visit me (which is all of you in IL, ahem) - there are more than three unique coffee shops within a half-mile radius of my apartment. I've discussed a couple of them previously, but today I visited the 2nd nearest to my place (it's easier to see on a map... but I didn't link one). It's cleverly titled, Muddy Waters (ok, I linked it), which serves not only as a pun on coffee, but also references the large river on the eastern border of the state. I pass this joint everyday but had never ventured in.

Compared to the two other popular spots for this author, this one seems right in the middle. They have an eclectic, yet not dirty vibe, including board games and a old-school tabletop video game. They serve all the fun coffee drinks, and also seem to have a decent food menu (which always helps). Wireless is free, but you need the passcode (it's always fun to have an element of secrecy, at any store/eatery/establishment).

Here's the hot chocolate they did up for me (food styling by yours truly):

And this really cinched it for me as being the closest go-to coffee place, smarmy suggestions:

I actually did tip too.



The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
- David M. Ogilvy


No Way, #2.

Did you ever think that your cat was unhappy? Did you ever think that your cat was unhappy because of what you fed it? And finally, did you ever think your cat was unhappy because you did not feed it an appetizer before dinner? Seriously!?!?!

I don't think it's a surprise to many of you that I'm not terribly fond of cats. It seems like the only pet that could care less that you're around. Sure, some are nice and some are cool, but they're still cats. Give me a unconditionally loving dog any day.

And now we have people buying their cats appetizers. Isn't it bad enough that you buy your cat fancy food, litter, scratching items, toys, and birthday cards (don't lie, you do). But now, even though many Americans and people around the world starve, your cat can have Wild Alaskan Salmon appetizers. And I know what you're thinking - "Nice, mk, but my cat doesn't like salmon - so there!" Well, bully for you because there's actually eight (EIGHT!) flavors to choose from... even the most choosy cat can have their favorite app.



No Way, #1.

Have you ever been stuck for a night at a far-away Holiday Inn Express, with no way to go get food and no cash to use a vending machine? Well, you're now in luck. What you see below is a pizza vending machine. And yes, Margaret, it does take credit/debit. Not only that, but once you order your pizza, you can sit and watch it "cook". Uhhh, entertainment too - what else!?! I'll tell you what else. Just in case vended pizza wasn't what you had in mind for dinner, you can also choose other ready-to-heat items, like chicken strips - yum!




One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothin' can beat teamwork.
- Edward Abbey


Crazy Man?

from HelloTxt
Hard to tell from the pic, but if you add in his singing of a terribly off key "...feel like makin' love...", it's a no-brainer. See the MP3 player in his hand?


This is a test.

This is a test. I've just signed up at hellotxt.com for an interesting service that allows you to link accounts and send updates to all linked accounts at the same time. It could be easier than updating blog, facebook, and twitter on their own. This is only a test.


Milwaukee Art Museum, Andy Warhol.

They colored the fountain water outside the museum pink, how Andy-esque, right?

I went "home" a couple weeks back and stopped in MKE for a night or two. During one of the days, I swung over to one of Lake Michigan's prettiest buildings and took in the
Andy Warhol Exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It was a feast for the eyes, and at only $12, pretty decent on the wallet too. Check it out.

Note: Only one pic is from the special Warhol exhibit as photographs aren't allowed in this kind of showing. I found out as I was taking my first shot... whoops. The other shots are from the permanent modern art collection at the museum.
Did you think I was lying about one of the prettiest buildings on the Lake? For shame.

Do you see the man in blue?

Finally! i'm halfway into this post and this is the first thing that looks like a Warhol!

Oh sure, the Campbell's soup can guy - now I remember!

This was done during his most prolific time, but is not known by many - and is the one I got in trouble for taking a photo.

How'd that get in there!?!

Sun in BOS, snow in MSP.

Flight delayed.


One Night in BOS.

Meandering back to the hotel after a great meal in the North End.


Leinenkugel Brewery Tour; Chippewa Falls, WI.

[these were on sale for $10]

So I'm not a huge drinker these days, beer or otherwise, but I've been known to down some suds from time to time. I also like to break up the drive from CHI to MPS however and wherever I can.
How about a quick stop to see how America's 4th largest "craft" brewer does their stuff? Yes, I think the Leinenkugel Brewery Tour will do just fine. Is there a location in Chippewa Falls, WI? Yes again, excellent.
[park in the factory parking lot on the weekends and walk over the bridge]
[this is not the spring they use for their water, though it is nearby]
You start out in the "gift shop", where you can sample beers (and soda, if you're driving home that afternoon), send postcards, sign up for the tour, check out some northwoods history, and most/best of all, you can get almost anything you can think of labeled with "Leinenkugel's" on it - thank God. I've been needing a new canoe paddle and would like to show my pride for my favorite beverage on said paddle - phew, they have me covered.
I'm not kidding, here's some shots of the brewery grounds and the store (like the MAM exhibit, pics are not allowed in the brewery proper):
[the new distribution addition won't be done til November, so the packaging line is closed for tours]
[but maybe they'll re-open the ole Leine's barn. this is where they used to keep the horses that delivered the beer all over WI "back in the day"]
[speaking of draft horses, did you need some new gear for yours? i think this is emblazoned with their logos]
[before you start your delivery route, pack up all your beer in these cool vintage/retro cases - they were not for sale, but what isn't if the price is right?]
[the first keg-erator!?!]
FYI #1- Leine's is the 4th largest craft brewer, Sam Adams is #1. They still don't touch the mega brewers like Budweiser, Miller, and Coors.
FYI #2 - Leine's has a brewery on 10th St in MKE. I did not know this. They also have a smaller line of beers called "Big Eddy" that do not travel out of WI very often. In fact, I heard on the tour it is rare to see these beers north of Madison. Might be cool to try and find some, people seem to like them.

Safety First.

Do you think this Porsche is parked carefully enough in our hotel
parking lot? I hope someone doesn't park too close or has a bug land
on it. I'm sure the cones will help.


It's autumn, climb a tree.

I found a swell tree a few days back and couldn't help but have a retro-childhood moment. The tree was perfect for climbing and I stretched in ways I haven't in years (and perhaps shouldn't have, ouch). The tree was found in a park that I basically just stumbled into.

[ooh, water features]

[this maybe the biggest native american dreamcatcher ever, or just ornamentation]

[the pond was a nice place to sit and relax after a long day at work]

[the tree in question]

[first effort up a few branches... i can do better]

[now up another route a bit higher this time... now that's more like it]

[and looking back down onto that pond]

I would encourage you to find a tree to climb this fall, just stretch a little first.


Ruminate #3.

Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can’t be taken on its own merits.
- Dan Barker

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
- Douglas Adams

35,000 feet up.

On the way to Logan International for a trip to Providence, RI. Not a
bad start.


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