World's Smallest Origami Crane...

... You be the judge. Let me know if you've seen or made smaller. No, I did not make this one. 

"Turtle, Turtle, Turtle!"

I'm sure all of you remember this scene from Dana Carvey's huge blockbuster of a movie, titled, dang-it, I forgot. Wait, it's right there on the clip, The Master of Disguise. He did so well on his disguises, no one knew this was a movie worth seeing. However and for whatever reason, a few scenes still stick with me, including the one below...

I also can't help thinking of this phrase on one of the common rides that I do. It passes a stretch of road that has "lakes" (or more apt in this case, swamps) on both sides. It seems to to be something of a turtle "highway" and sees many of these guys and girls going back and forth a lot during the summer months. Unfortunately, not all the turtles are so lucky (see below if you have a strong stomach)...

As you can see from the pics, a number of little guys get squashed by passing cars (shell jewelry?). I suspect they are too young to know any better and that's the end. What's odd, of the half-dozen or so that I saw in this condition, is that many are on the shoulder side of the white line. I surely hope cars aren't making an effort to squash them on the shoulder.

In any case, I have also seen very large (~20-30lb) snapping turtles on this road as well. I "saved" one two years ago, getting off my bike and carrying it across the road. He was a mean ole cuss, but once you got a good grip, they can't really hurt or get to you.

And wouldn't you know, yesterday I also saw this guy/girl about halfway into my ride home on this stretch of road... 

He was just starting to make his way across. Once he spotted me, and before heading into the roadway, he stood his whole body up on all fours. Do turtles know it helps them to be seen? Or is it a faster way to cross?

In any case, since I was already off my bike to get pics, I laid my bike down and picked him up to carry him across. He fussed a little, but couldn't really get at me (I know where to grab them now). Cars had stopped on both sides and I can't imagine what they thought watching a spandex clad man "duck walk" (in cycling shoes) a big snapping turtle across the street. Maybe it happens all the time on this road.

I like to think helping/saving/annoying this one big turtle makes up for the 6 others I saw flattened on the sides of this road.


Quote of the Week.

When asked what her Plan B would be if music didn't work out for her...

"I don't have a Plan B... you gotta believe in a Plan A. No plan B for me."

-Christina Perri


Big Ass Fans

No, that's not my clever title, rather that's the brand name of this HUGE fan just inside IKEA's self-service area in Bloomington, MN. Don't believe me?

This thing must have 20-foot long blades, for a diameter of ~40-feet. It's huge and, as I sat under it waiting for "out of towners" doing their shopping, I can't argue that it does move air. Lots of it. It's actually quite refreshing. 

Does Big Ass Fans make them for consumer use? I doubt it, but google it up and find out for yourself if you need to know. 


Morning bike commute special guest(s)

Do you see her?

"Doe, a deer, a female deer..."
There's actually two in there.


Could Schwinn have started the most popular exercise craze of the decade???

Uhhh, the Cross-Fit!?! How did they know? I would argue they had something to do with it, about 20 years ago. 


Quote of the Week

"According to an old saw, a year in Vermont is nine months of winter followed by three months of very poor sledding."

I feel this applies to MN too.


Waverly Cafe, Waverly, MN

If you're up for a road trip west of the cities, into rural MN, put Waverly on your list. I'd make a point of hitting this diner-like cafe for brunch...and maybe the nearby Harley dealership. 

Food is solid diner fare. I tried what seemed to be one of their signature items, stuffed hash browns. They were very good, and if that wasn't filling enough, I added the two eggs and a two-piece French toast order. Delicious!

Of course, this is not low-fat and you may just snack later in the day, but this is classic American breakfast food. Let's say it helped fuel my short ride later in the day...yeah, that's it. 


Project He SL, completed

Though it took some time, extra effort, and a few moments of debate... if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. 

14lbs without any extra fancy bits. I'm hoping it will get tons of use (crossing fingers). 


Can a bike shop stay in business?

I'm often amazed at the bike shops that stay in business. You have to be a smart, savvy, and an ever-changing business person to do it well.

Below is a screen shot (maybe an actual "photo-copy") from a 1990 Bridgestone catalog (a now defunct bike brand). It all holds true today though, and maybe has gotten worse with the introduction of the internet.


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