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Does anyone have a good celebrity story? Uhmmm... I've seen a few notables in public, but never a long conversation or anything. 

For a variety of reasons, one of my favorites was just having Hilary Swank walk by me in NYC. This was also after all the Million Dollar Baby Oscar stuff, when she was pretty popular. It was a quiet winter evening on a small street in the Village, no one else was around and I couldn't even gossip to anyone about it, b/c no one else saw. But she looked great (I hardly even noticed her then boyfriend/manager alongside her) and none of us said a thing. Kind of surreal at the time, but I'm pretty sure I started texting anyone that might reply right after. And when the friend I was with came out of the restaurant, it was the first thing I blurted out.

Oh, Hilary and I have the same birth year, but I don't follow too much celebrity news.


Victoria said...

the closest i have come to a celebrity is when jeremy piven came to the u of i basketball game or else whenever someone famous sings at wrigley and i am there....not great stories though

T3h Qu33n said...

I was at Disneyland's California Adventure when I saw James Haven (Angelina Jolie's brother). I was getting off a stupid ride when he was led out through a separte door. I thought it was funny since the park was pretty much empty and he wasn't with anyone in a wheelchair who would need a separate entrance. We looked at each other and I looked at his date (gorgeous blonde). I knew I had seen this guy before, but couldn't place his face. He kept walking alongside my friend and I when I totally recognized him. He is super tall (compared to me) and very very handsome. He was wearing jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt. The clothes looked very expensive and totally fit him like a model. I was too shy to ask him for an autograph.

Second story, I met Ricky Martin at an autograph signing. I have been a fan of his since 1989 so that was a major highlight for me.

Finally, does the creator of Dilbert count as a celebrity? I met him at a seminar years ago.

george said...

My brushes with fame:

Eric and I saw Michael "The Commish" Chiklis on the street in NYC.

I got autographs from Bebe Neuwirth, James Naughton, Joel Grey and Anne Reinking (anyone else know who these people are?) after we saw Chicago on Broadway.

I had my picture taken with Dixie Carter (anyone?).

I snapped a photo of the back of Macaulay Culkin's head. He was on a chaperoned date. How weird is that?

I saw Patti Lupone absolutely RAGING at her assistants as she tried to collect her things and get in a car after a David Mamet play she was doing.

And just this year, I had breakfast next to Troy Aikman and his trophy wife in Colorado. And I told Tracy Letts (who just won the Pulitzer for drama) that I loved his work. He was shopping for yogurt at the Whole Foods down the street from me.

I've done pretty well for a non-New Yorker... if you're into theater stars, that is.

Oh! And I met Prince Charles... and have a photo of him to prove it!

.mk. said...

ok, g-Dog, you're making me look bad - i'm going to have to bring out the big guns:

i it was in '05 that i went to a show at steppenwolf, that i believe was called "purple heart" (this could be wrong). John Mahoney (the dad on Frazier) was one of the leads and the person I went with was his niece or cousin or something. Well, her whole family had a block of seats and he came out to see them after the show. he came pretty much right up to me and shook my hand, looked at me a bit funny, and realized he didn't know me from adam. still, i shook his hand.

Cards fan said...

I was at a heavy metal convention and got my picture taken with David Bryon, the keyboardist from Bon Jovi.

I was in Vegas when the Hard Rock Hotel opened. I watched George Clooney play blackjack. But others kept asking for autographs, so he didn't stay long. I also saw Jon Lovitz, Woody Harrelson, and Wesley Snipes walking around.

Victoria said...

and i forgot, i met Derek Lee at a toys-r-us a couple years back...he was there signing autographs and i was there randomly....good times


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