RedBull Crashed Ice, St. Paul, MN

Wow! Big crowd, big course, and big cajoƱes for anyone that raced it. RedBull pulls off another breathtaking event.


Schubert's Old Fashioned Cafe & Bakery, Mt. Horeb, WI

I had the chance to check out this great traditional diner in the quaint downtown business district of Mt. Horeb, WI (after peeking into the only retail location for the Duluth Trading Co.). If you want to slow down the pace of life and enjoy some comfort, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast, lunch, or dinner fare, stop by for sure. After my lunch of this chicken fried steak, I had no room left for their daily homemade pie (and other tasty treats)...my mistake, it looked amazing.


Last Ride of the Year

Shot from the beach, but definitely not swimming weather...only in the low 40s.


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