Bucketfeet, Chicago, IL

Do you love shoes!? I love shoes!

Check out this funky, "crowdsourced" shoe store/brand in Chicago. Their designs are submitted by regular Joes and Janes and curated by the company. Then they make your design! Sounds kinda cool (and somewhat like Threadless of t-shirt fame). 

Prices range from $60-ish to $120-ish, not too crazy for wearable art. And last but not least, they have removeable insoles, unlike similar shoes. You can replace 'em when they wear out or start from scratch with your favorite kind, keeping your feet happy and stylish. 

Go get your kicks with some Bucketfeet kicks. 


West Coast Trip in Review.

Good times and great views were had on this latest trip. I didn't even dip my toes in the ocean this time. 


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