Jacob Bannon at Continental Clay Co., Minneapolis, MN

Seeing new artwork doesn't seem to get boring for me. And what an interesting mix of mediums, subject matter, and people at Jacob Bannon's (of Converge) recent show. Plus, Hive played a ~30 minute set to cap off the evening. It seemed to me everyone there was entirely into the whole evening. 


Quote of the Day.

You're never wrong to the do the right thing.  

- Mark Twain

Hairball, Eagan, MN

I couldn't have predicted that I would be in a church/school parking lot watching this band, giving all of their energy and such a performance to the audience. But, it all came true. Hats off to the band for an awesome show. Hopefully my ears return to normal soon. 

After a quick look at their website, it looks like these guys play mostly in the upper Midwest. However, if you ever get a chance to see them I would highly recommend it. 


Late Summer Storm, Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, MN

On the way home from a late evening end, I had to stop and get out of the car to capture some nature as it happened. 

It wasn't too easy to snap the pics, but now I know about the "burst" feature. That would have helped. 

Steamboat Days, Carver, MN

This one is hard to describe, though it has a title that would invoke boats, it seemed mostly center around automobiles. Not only was there a small show of cars parked in the downtown while you visited booths and food stands, the main attraction for the afternoon was a burnout contest house in a park nearby all the activities.

I was surprised at just how "down-home" this event and contest seemed to be. Pick-up trucks parked around the contest area and many of them became the contestants. 

You definitely can't deny that this event was unique, but I also think it lacked a certain something. This now concludes my fair season this year. Phew. 


Revisit: Barker's, Hudson, WI

This place has yet to disappoint and a Friday night visit for a simple dinner couldn't upset the trend. 

Start with this...

Add a dash of a stuffed burger...

And a pinch of Green Chile Smoked Bacon Mac n' Cheese...

And one more of these...

And that's a meal fit for anyone...unless you have the gout. 


Minnesota State Fair, Part III, Fun!

Don't forget to have some fun between all the edible binges. 

Sky Ride:

Giant Sing-Along:

The Giant Slide:

(Lit up at night)



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