Is yarn hot?

Why yes it is. These pop-up yarn art things are pretty common here. I find them intriguing.


Appleman Cycles, MN

Attending the Minnecycle show today, I was afforded a great look at some local MN frame builders. Appleman seems to fill the bill well for a unique/boutique carbon frame.

They had this great looking complete track bike and an equally swell looking complete road bike. Check 'em out.


WNBA Fever, catch it!

Play as hard as the men's game, just a lot less dunks. The Lynx Western Conference Finals, Game #1, was a great night.


Why Meetup in MPLS Sucks

These are the most recent new meet-ups for MPLS that I got in my inbox, based on user-defined choices, or so they would have me believe. The suck part comes in when I'm a single guy that moved here on my own... or they just suck on their own merits.
New Meetup Group: Let's Make a Collective Theatre Company!‎      [stab me with a prop knife!]
New Meetup Group: Twin Cities Packers Fans‎      [puke]
New Meetup Group: The Minneapolis Viking Offiser's Club‎      [barf]
New Meetup Group: Laughaholics‎      [who doesn't love to laugh!!!!????]
New Meetup: Make New Friends Meetup in Minneapolis‎      [hard to get the gumption to go alone]
New Meetup Group: 1001 Things You MUST try BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!       [nah, KMN]
New Meeting New People Meetup in Hopkins‎      [wha?!]
New Meetup Group! Meetup St Paul /Maplewood Divorced Men     [It hasn't gotten this bad/sad yet... and St. Paul is far anyways and I'm not divorced]
New Meetup Group: Married Twin Cities Couples over 50      [I'm bookmarking this one for damn sure!] 


YoYo Donuts, Minnetonka, MN

Already granted numerous awards in the local press, these did not disappoint. I'll have to go back for their $2 Maple Bacon Bar.


Great idea...

... in theory, but I can adjust and try again. This is a small size Blizzard from DQ. I thought I could get it home in the water bottle cage, not quite. I had to stop a couple times and drink the melt. Perhaps the best part was the DQ counter person who helped me pick out the Chocolate Xtreme mix, and to show me how blizzardy and extreme it is, handed it to me upsidedown. Not a drip...til the ride home.

(yes, the bike was rinsed immediately upon getting home)


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