Results, Poll #55, Engagement.

These results are long overdue and from the looks of the responses, not many of you will care or even know why I posted it. Let's see though:

> 2 people (18%) chose 'yes, i let them know it's very great' - i should hope you let them know. it's not everyday someone you've known for over ten years (at least for me) gets engaged.
> 1 person (9%) chose 'yes, i sent/said something' - ooohhh, rub it in. you're better than me. i didn't send anything. maybe i can go to the engagement party or the actual wedding and make up for it (with my presence of course, not a lavish, over-the-top gift).
> 0 people chose... why bother.
> 0 people chose... who cares.
> 8 people (72%) chose 'uhhh, george and marissa?' - you're loss, dudes. really. i mean, you're the majority by far (possibly more than any other poll), but still.

FYI - George is a good friend from the University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (my first time down there) and has recently been engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Marissa. They gross me out with niceness and a commensurate amount of bickering whenever I'm around, so I'm sure it's true love.

New Posts

As you may have noticed, I don't have much opportunity to post here
these days. I've found Twitter and Facebook much easier to update from
an iPhone. However, this post is being sent by email. I'll try to keep
updating, but it will probably never be like the height of t.c's
heyday, with 13 readers each week.

As always, thanks for reading.



Maple Syrup.

This is why I like my new company and will continue to like maple syrup. In email from today, I was delighted to read...

"Each year at this time I take orders for maple syrup. The syrup comes from the Stienagel Farm near my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin and the farmer delivers it directly to QBP. QBP employees have become the farmer's largest customer base since I started doing this 20 years ago.

If you want to know more about the quality of the syrup, ask around. It won't take long to find someone who has ordered syrup.

Details: 1 Quart- $11
1/2 gallon- $18
You can order as many bottles of syrup as you can use, but you have to order in advance. Occassionally the farmer has extra bottles, but not enough to depend on. Send me an email with the number and size of bottles. I'll pull together a total and give it to the farmer."

And before you get ideas about me hauling syrup to you - how will I accomplish this before summertime? You don't want a big jug of syrup in the heat of the summer.


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