BBQ at The County Line.

Did you ever see those shows on Food Network about barbeque? The ones where some guy like Alton Brown goes around the country in search of "the best barbeque"? Well, I've had the pleasure of having some of the best barbeque of my life in Austin. This last visit was no different and you can be sure I make a point of gettin' some.
This time, we went to a local joint known as "The County Line". Uhhh, it's on County Line Road, almost to Rt 360.

I think the best part about any barbeque joint is that it's generally a no-frills affair (think brown paper rolls on the table) and is accessible by many many kinds of folks (anyone and everyone comes to these kinds of joint, esp from what I saw on the last trip). The other thing you can expect is seriously good barbeque. The kind you can't get "up north". The kind that hits you with wafts of good hickory smoke smells as soon as you leave your car. The kind that makes you eat so much you have to lie down after. The kind that makes you plan special trips for it whenever you're in town.

Kitsch came to this restaurant late one night after a long drinking bender and puked all over it. I have to say though, it totally works. I get hungry now when I see this mutsch kitsch.

We were plopped into a spot with the best meat-eating views of my life, along a wall of windows, looking out onto the lake/river, party deck, and nature - ah, time to eat meat!

I had beef brisket and smoked turkey. Both had wonderfully pink smoke rings and came with a great, tangy, bbq sauce to drench it in. Of course, at The County Line, all entrees come with homemade coleslaw (very good), potato salad (also very good) and baked beans (good, but better when you dump on some extra bbq sauce).

The glass on the right is my 20oz pint glass of Shiner Bock (very good, hard to find up north). The glass on the left is my water, but it's also what they use to serve tea, sweet tea, and any soda. It was a bit odd to see an 8 year old, three foot tall kid sucking down 64oz of soda out of a one foot glass. Is it any wonder that Texas now has FOUR of the Top 10 Fattest Cities in the Nation?

God Bless America.


eakoster said...

i think that is my cousin in one of your pictures. wierd!

Victoria said...

mmmm i wand BBQ now....no pics of the food tho?


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