Smallest Beach, Minnetonka, MN

I've snapped pics here before, but this angle is from the water/dock. One of the smallest public beachfronts I've ever seen.


Repost: Is the Internet Making Us Crazy?

Here's just one excerpt:
          People tell her that their phones and laptops are the “place for hope” in their lives, the “place where sweetness comes from.” Children describe mothers and fathers unavailable in profound ways, present and yet not there at all. “Mothers are now breastfeeding and bottle-feeding their babies as they text,” she told the American Psychological Association last summer. “A mother made tense by text messages is going to be experienced as tense by the child. And that child is vulnerable to interpreting that tension as coming from within the relationship with the mother. This is something that needs to be watched very closely.” She added, “Technology can make us forget important things we know about life.”


If you have a grandparent that's 98 years old...

This is likely what's in their garage. Maybe a 30+ year old pair of lawn sprinkler s in the original boxes. There was a newer version above them, but I'm sure they think the old ones work better.


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