Tum Rup Thai.

A small, but powerfully compact Thai restaurant by my house offers a different take on the normal martini - I give you the "Thai-Rone". Please read what's in the drink... you'll get it.


Results, Poll #54, Spending.

So, it looks like I have at least one t.c reader that has a large trust fund - please come forward... just tell me... I need an expensive operation on my dorsimus muscle - will you help me with a check made out to "Cash"?

The results are as follows:
- 0 people (0%) chose 'yes, drastically' - well, aren't we the optometrists.
- 4 people (40%) chose 'some' - this might be better than selling all your psoessions and moving to Alaska. Might.
- 3 people (30%) chose 'a little' - This is less than some, so maybe you're not too worried about your job, or your monthly payments, or your spouses job, or your parent's retirement fund (who do you think's going to support them?).
- 2 people (20%) chose 'not really' - Golly, you don't give a sweet God damn, do you!?! Must be nice.
- 1 person (10%) chose 'no, i have a HUGE trustfund' - nice try, you're lying. And if you did have a trustfund, you'd be shitting your pants b/c it lost over half its value in the last 12 months. Shitting.

New poll up as soon as possible... keep an eye out for it!


Black History Month.

In case you were looking for a unique way to celebrate Black History Month.

C'mon, I wouldn't joke about this.


Extra Loppet Pics.

Who doesn't like bowling?

And monsters depiciting the eating of children - how festive!?!


Isles Buns & Coffee.

Looking for a bit of an extension to being out of the apartment on a sunny weekend day, I decided to stop at Isles Buns & Coffee on my way home from the Loppet spectating.

And good thing I did! This place is a great little "hole in the wall" kind of place that makes finding new eateries fun. They have an extensive sweet buns menu, and even something for the kids named "puppy dog tails".

The cinnamon bun I had was very tasty, light, fresh from the oven... but what really puts them over the top, the frosting. Of course, each bun has some when you grab it out of the counterperson's hands, but here at Isles, you can add more frosting, on your own, with no one watching you or telling you to stop. In fact, it's on the self-serve counter!!!

Do be careful not to go overboard though... tummy ache.

Finally, I suspect when and if you journey to this store, you won't have to see and hear this spank playing his squeeze box at noon on a Sunday. Don't get me wrong, "Lady of Spain" is great, but staring at this guy's goofy mug while I'm eating is not.


House on Minnehaha River Parkway.

They have this thing here in MSP about keeping their houses lit well into the new year. I've taken quite a few pics of stunning, usually large, houses in tony neighborhoods... all of which were taken after Jan 1st.

The one above is a prime example. This is on the Minnehaha River Parkway, which is riverfront property that runs through much of Minneapolis. The river isn't too big or swift, but the views near and above it are great. The entire parkway has paths all along it for walking, running, cycling, sking, etc. This was taken on a night with about 8 inches of snow and I just thought it looked great. Of course, it's more impactful in person, but you can see how much some of the properties rise up above the waterfront.


Results, Poll #53, Bed wetting.

So, looks like we couldn't hold our water as far as filling out my poll. About the normal number of respondents and here's what we said about bed wetting, plastic sheets not included:

> 1 person (10%) chose 'yes, and still wetting' - you poor thing. what will you have to look forward to when you get older? I guess it all Depends.
> 2 people (20%) chose 'yes, and proud of it' - at least it's not just me this time. maybe it's someone else from my family? does anyone know what "they" say about kids that bed wet? maybe it's affecting me in ways i'll never be able to comprehend (said the 34 year old single guy).
> 1 person (10%) chose 'maybe a coupla times after lots of soda-pop' - sure, it happens. don't sweat it. i'd be more concerned about your high-fructose corn syrup intake right before bedtime.
> 3 people (30%) chose 'don't think so..."mom!?!" ' - like your mom would remember. she spent most of your childhood in the bottom of a hiram walker bottle or trying to dry herself out, let alone your urine soaked mattress. (i don't know where that came from)
> 3 people (30%) chose 'no, not that i can recall (under hypnosis)' - sure you didn't. and i never stole candy on a dare from the local five & dime. Five-finger discount Hubba-Bubba lasts the longest.

Sorry it took so long for results. My fingers get frozen and it makes typing difficult.
New poll up as soon as I think of one and can get online.



I know what you're thinking, and I wish this was a post about a house where current and former spies hang out, but it's not. The Spyhouse is a small chain of coffee shops here in Minneapolis. There's one not far from my house and I appreciate it for it's unique coffee shop look, clean standards, good staff, and generally upbeat clientele. And who knows, maybe they get their name from a spy background or from an owner that's a former CIA or KGB operative. That'd be funner.

They have a nice front counter area, with labeled condiments and accoutrement.

And a nice rear :), with some larger gathering space, etc. See the classy tin ceiling!? (oh, and bathrooms too - phew!)

Plus, baked goods! I believe this double chocolate cake and hot chocolate soy were part of my NYE celebration. Not too shabby... well, maybe a little shabby for NYE.


Winter Fun, III, Luminary Loppet.

If any people in the world know that you can’t spend all of a winter season indoors, it would be the Minnesotans. To combat cabin fever, get some exercise, and just have a little fun, there are quite a few things they do during the winter. I’ve highlighted a couple in previous posts, but since I was feeling cabin fever pretty bad as of late (and since I seem to have to make and participate in my own fun), I decided it was time to find something else.

Enter the City of Minneapolis’ “Luminary Loppet”. No, it’s not about Oompah-Loompahs or a fancy new Scandinavian drinking game (“Viking Master, Viking Master – hooh hooh!”) – but it is a wonderful cross-country skiing event held on and over one of the many urban lakes here in Minneapolis.

From the research I did, a “loppet” is basically a Scandinavian term for race, but I’d say it has now come to mean more of a casual loop of some course with friends or a festival-type event. In this rendition, there is no winner, age groups, or pressure to do well. Most people probably only get on their skis or snow shoes a few times per year.

Now, my plan was to avoid looking like I wasn’t just a creepy middle aged guy hanging out on a lake (like the previous post) by volunteering at the registration tent for the event. It’s a short walk from my house and I knew it would be easy (so long as you’re literate). The race is held on one of the lakes and the start/finish line is in the hip, happening, hustling, and bustling neighborhood known as Uptown.

It took me a while working the registration tables to understand exactly what was going on for this loppet. 3,000 people had preregistered (and about 1,000 more day of) to make as many or as few laps of the 3km groomed cross-country ski trail. But, what was cool is that the event is held at night. Yep, once the sun sets, the race starts. At 6:30pm with the sun well down, the “loppet” officially got underway.

Now I’m guessing you’re thinking – “How do people see!?!” Well, they have that covered too. On the outer border of the groomed x-c ski trail, they have placed large, lit, votives made out of a block of ice. One is placed about every twelve feet along the trail. It’s one of the coolest sights to see.


[You can just make out the groomed x-c trail in this shot too - taken about 10pm]

I didn’t participate in the event (outside of my volunteering), but maybe when I own some snow shoes or x-c skis, I will. Oh, and when I know someone to do it with me too.


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