Madison Night Ride

Dark comes early now, but that shouldn't stop you from exploring. Everything looks different in the dark.


Dane County Farmers' Market

There's not much more "hometown" than a local farmers' market, and if I have my info right, the Dane County Farmers' Market is one of the largest and longest running in the US. Simply put, it's awesome. They ring the Wisconsin capitol building virtually every Saturday from March through October (and then it sets something up indoors for the winter). People quite literally do their weekly shopping at the farmers' market. If you plan carefully, you can not only shop locally for much of what you eat, but buy organic, and avoid spending money at chain stores... not to mention the health benefits.

But enough about all those social & physical benefits. What's the vibe there?! I think the best way to show you, no surprise here, is with pictures...

Got syrup?

Need honey? Note: it helps to draw the crowd in with a "zany" outfit - Genius!

Need a hunk o' Hen?

This ginormo Hen of the Woods 'shrom was sitting in a cooler in the back of the guy's stall. It must have been as big as my chest (which admittedly is rather average). I got the feeling he sells mushrooms like other people sell illegal substances. Then again, maybe he was just showing it off or holding it for a commercial customer.

Gourdgeous!!! I don't know why or what I would do with a pile of gourds, but this guy, actually "The Gourd Guy, has seemed to figure it out.

I recommend grabbing a meat-stick snack to nibble as you walk along... and try their dips too...

All delicious.

Giant Mushroom, meet Giant Kohlrabi. Note: not for sale. Ha!

Dang, some gorgeous peppers. This guy offered me a free "Carolina Reaper" pepper to take home. It's the new "darling" of the hot pepper world. It contains 1.5 million Scoville units, where a jalapeno contains about 10,000 max. Uhhh, no thanks, pal, I'll pass.

It was also a learning experience to be at the market, who knew you could see live bes, including the queen.

I'm going back as soon as time and my Saturday morning laziness allow.


Quote of the Day

I will do today what others won't, 
so tomorrow I can do what others can't.
- Jerry Rice


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