Results, Poll #34, NFL.

The gridiron poll is done, let's see what we got:

> 2 people (12%) chose 'yes, i see multiple games per season' - lucky ducks. though, who can blame them, if something's good, more is better. (right?)
> 7 people (45%) chose 'yeah, i've seen some' - not such a bad way to spend the day, is it?
> 1 person (6%) chose 'no, i like college games' - well, if you like college games, then the nfl is for you! bigger, fatser, more accurate. though there is something about the purity of college sports.
> 2 people (12%) chose 'not yet, but someday' - that's it, glass half full kind of people, this is what the world needs more of. i'd be happy to indoctrinate you into the nfl, just name the game (and pickup my ticket).
> 4 people (25%) chose 'wah? what's the nfl?' - you people need help. i'd suggest a quick and painless nfl-indoctrination. bring beer, grilled meats, team colors, rowdy fans and blend.

Interesting news for the NFL? Perhaps. (I don't think they read my blog though) Maybe they have some people to win over still, but for those of us that already like a football game in 20 degree weather, they'd be preaching to the choir.

Thanks to the 16 voters and for using all of the choices.

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