Nebraska University Football, Pregame

The beginning of cool weather and shorter days make many Americans think of one thing, football!!! I happen to enjoy a good tailgate and drinking beer in the morning (on occasion), so when my brother invited me to the University of Illinois @ Nebraska football game on October 5th, I jumped at the chance. 

Of course, before attending any Big10 football game, since the stadiums have been mostly dry since their inception (not true any longer on all campuses), a tailgate is a requirement... heck, it's America! Luckily for us, Nebraska doesn't have an NFL team and most of the state's football efforts are concentrated on the NU football team and its tailgating season.

People start early. Parking lots are reserved just for tailgating activities, and fenced in to keep randoms out. Parking spaces are reserved (and paid for) in advance for an entire season, which means you go to the same place each gameday. They set-up some pretty amazing assortment of options and the requisite accouterments for the activity, behold:

Begin the day with a healthy breakfast

Grab something packed with vitamins and minerals to wash it down

One of the many SUVs and trucks used as the foundation for a great tailgate parking space. Wisely, this tailgater has set-up the back of his/her SUV with a full bar. What happens if they're ever pulled over? I have no idea, but it can't be a fun stop
Grill, meet Hitch. Hitch, meet grill. Viola! (in the NU colors of course)
Tailgate paddock, Partner. And a great use for an old bus, I might add...
I'm going to presume that you can buy a hotdog station like this one at CostCo now.
And now it's time to venture into the "enemy's lair"... NU's Memorial Stadium.

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