Von Hanson's Meats, Bloomington, MN

There really aren't many butcher shops anymore, at least that I notice. I know a few in MN and one happens to be near my office, Von Hanson's Meats. Going into this place (located in a gas station) reminds me of childhood trips to Schmeiser's Butcher Shop in IL, though without the Alpine cowbells hanging above the counter.

Von Hanson's has some differences too, mostly because it's in MN. For one, they have a whole menu board of meat packages. Pick your favorite, like "Trim & Lean", "Any Day Grill", or "The Hundred Pounder", and buy a package. Also, at least two of their locations will process your hunted game, make an appointment during deer season though. They put this expertise to use with a large offering of game sausages  too. Finally, they have some of the best jerky I've ever eaten. I picked turkey jerky, but get what you like...I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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