*Update* The Blue Door Pub, St. Paul, MN

So, if you've been reading the last few weeks, I had a pretty disappointing trip to Blue Door's location in St. Paul. If you haven't been reading, go HERE and catch up... c'mon, quick like a bunny!

In a nutshell, the Juicy Lucys we were served had no "juicy" inside them, as-in, they had no cheese in the middle. Ever have a S'mores without marshmallow? No thanks, that's just graham crackers and chocolate... booo!

So, I was excited after contacting their management that they were very apologetic and promised to make it right. They stated in emails to me that they would send me a giftcard to cover my first visit and enough to cover a second visit, to give them another try.

This is a direct quote from my Gmail:
"If you don’t mind, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with your address so that I can mail you a gift card not only compensating you for your last experience, but also enough to take care of your next meal as well in the hopes that you’ll give us another chance to prove that your first time was a fluke."

I opened the envelope in my mailbox later in the week, holding my breath wondering how much food I would get to gorge on.... only to find the giftcard was for $40. I had spent $36.29 on my first trip there (and that's just 2 beers & 2 burgers, mind you + tip... I know, I still tipped that night, my bad).

I emailed the management one more time and they never replied back. Well, that's all I needed to know... a restaurant that doesn't care much about its customers (aka, the reason you open the doors). I suspect they have too much business and are actively trying to get less customers. This also fits with what I hear about wait-times, even on a Monday night a co-worker was told he could expect to wait 45 minutes.

So, I did what any self respecting restaurant goer would do. I sold the giftcard at a discount so I don't have to go back and try this lame burger spot again. There are many other, more-worthy Juicy Lucy spots in the Twin Cities that would be happy to have my business.

Good day to you, Sir. I say good day!

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Victoria said...

womp womp.

hope your next juicy lucy is a true one from a better establishment!


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