Northeast Brewery Tour, Minneapolis, MN

If you ever have an open, rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon on your hands, you might want to fill it with a local brewery tour. Three of us whiled away all of a Saturday afternoon and evening doing just that. You can follow this route, or modify it to suit.
Dangerous Man Brewery
Indeed Brewery
612 Brewery
From left to right it's Dangerous Man, Indeed, 612...
All three are relatively close to each other, which makes doing this by bike very simple and can add extra safety for everyone involved. Of course, by car or by foot are also possible, depending on your group.
I was pleasantly surprised to find great places and great beers in each location. Not only that, but each was doing brisk business with plenty of people out and about. You also don't need to be worried about food, though these breweries don't serve any, they all have restaurants nearby or food trucks on-site to help curb any I'll effects of an afternoon of "sampling".
Wow, a great chocolate stout on a Saturday afternoon
Dangerous Man also does some pretty hoighty-toighty sodas, but damn if this Ginger-Black Currant wasn't awesome too
Wow, Indeed's Sweet Mamma Jamma, made with sweet potato... surprisingly good and an even better mouth feel with the Nitro pour
A couple of our Ocktoberfests at 612 - great this time of year. Is it time to hibernate yet?

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