Terzo / T3RZO Winebar, Minneapolis, MN

Another gem from the Broder family and this one seems particularly jewel-like, not only for the size of the intimate and well-appointed space, but also for the care they take in the dishes. Don't forget the drinks - they have small batch tap beers that constantly rotate and 50 wines by the glass, plus 1,000 bottles in the cellar. Not just having something for everyone, but finding *your* perfect pick is clearly something they take seriously.
Knowing only how busy the pasta bar is on weekends, I would recommend first trying T3RZO on a weeknight (as I did). It will serve as a great break in your week.
One of the most artistic back-of-menus I've ever seen
They have some really great lighting fixtures throughout the space... see those clear glass ones way back?
No shortage of wines at a wine bar, smart
I'll take a $8, 10oz. pumpkin beer, thank you very much (get off my back, it's Fall!)
Roasted fall squashes, goat chees flan, basil foamy thing, crispy prosciutto = damn good

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