Nebraska University Football, Game Time

On to the game itself.

NU's stadium holds a close knit 91,000 of your closest friends. It is 12th largest football stadium in the US, and, I was told, just added some more seats after last season. No doubt, it is a big stadium and holds a lot of rabid football fans.

In spite of that large mass of people, every NU fan that talked or interacted with us the whole day was nothing but nice. Many "good lucks" and high-fives were sent our way during the tailgate an even in the stadium. It was a great reception for the Illini faithful. 

And the stadium, while very packed in, seems to have it down to a science in terms of entry and egress. At half-time, you're even allowed to scan your ticket to go back to your tailgate, just be back in the stadium before the 4th quarter begins.. very "progressive" (plus, I suspect if you spend thousands of dollars on a tailgate parking space, you want to get your money's worth in the 6-8 home games per season).

Highway to the danger zone
More red than a blood bank
Pretty great seats for about $50/ticket. I'm sure you could pay a lot more too
No denying that NU has a rich and storied football tradition, long before being a member in the Big10
These look like the cheap seats, to some extent, but boy does the "horseshoe" afford a lot more seats for revenue
Well done, Sir. Well done (and another Illini fan)

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