Peppermint Twist, Delano, MN

Time for a quick look at a local haunt in Delano, the Peppermint Twist. This is the place you go for burgers, fries and shakes. It also comes with a good dose of nostalgia on accounta the drive-up, call-in box that you just don't see much anymore.

I have to say, the burger I had was pretty major (with great bacon slices), but the shake seems to be where they really shine. This shake eats like a meal, in a good way. But, I made the rookie mistake of ordering before the local I was with ordered and just got the homemade butterscotch shake... which you'd think is great (and it was), but then my friend saddled up to the window and ordered a chocolate-raspberry. Dang it! If I'd known I could combine two flavors I would have done a chocolate-mint combo. Ah well, next time.

A really good potato-wedge-type French fry

Looks a little beat up, but that just because the ingredients over-power the bun a bit

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