Madeline Island, Part 2 - Island Views

As I only spent one night on Madeline Island (which is too short!), I decided to take it easy for the most part. I got situated in my room at The Inn on Madeline Island about 3:30pm and decided I needed to go for a ride on the fatbike I had with me, especially after more time spent riding in the car.

I hopped on and cruised the downtown strip, then headed out onto Middle Road (clever name) and got a better feel for what the island is really like.

The 14 mile long x 3 mile wide island, which is the biggest island in the Apostle Islands chain, becomes very quiet and serene in a very short amount of time. I'm pretty sure this is why most people go there, eh? There are small homes on most of Middle Rd., with land and houses for sale as well. I also passed what I've now come to know as a world-renowned art school, the Madeleine Island School of the Arts. I may have to check out their classes next school year, which only runs in the tourist season and all classes are 5 days long.

So, I thought I'd show some shots of this ride, with a special selection of shots saved for the next post. Drink it in...

For sale - you in? I'll go halfsies.

Croquet field right downtown

I don't think you can fake this kind of weathering 

At my turn-around point, I found a hidden beach...
One of the best sunsets I've seen in a long, long time

Madeline Island, Part 3 up soon...

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