Madeline Island, Part 4 - The Way Back

As I packed up and got moving around 9am the next morning, and though I really felt as though I'd short-changed myself and Madeline Island, I was a bit excited to be on the ferry again. I planned to catch the 9:15am ferry back across the channel to Bayfield and find breakfast.

A peek inside the control room (through the window)

You can just make out the fatbike in the back of my car. E-brake "ON", please!
We did have one new, exciting thing get on the boat that morning...

Ship-shape. A second later the two occupants popped out to enjoy the views during the crossing on the "poop deck"
... what a way to start the morning. This guy did it as if it was like putting on pants. These vehicles also get charged by the foot for passage. Can't be cheap.

Once back in Bayfield I quickly found my way to Big Water Coffee Roasters, which I'd seen the day before. It looked like any "big city" coffee place, so I had a hunch it would be right up my alley. Boy was it.

Now fueled up, I jumped back in the car for the ~5-hour drive home. I had made a number of firsts on this four-day weekend trip and already started to plan my next trip back.

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