Jim's Apple Farm, Jordan, MN - Gourd-dammit, that's a lot of squash!

This past Sunday, during an unusually warm fall day, I headed out to Jim's Apple Farm (aka, The Big Yellow Barn) in Jordan, MN. It was easy to find (how could you miss it?) and seemed to be humming right along as I pulled up about noon. There is no shortage of things to see and buy. They seem to specialize in a number of things (is that possible?):

> Fall yard accessories - hay bales, corn stalk bundles, squash, pumpkins, gourds, etc.

The Hubbard Blue - This was a new and spooky one...
> Taffy - man, did they have three dozen different kinds

> Licorice - man, did they have two dozen of their own flavors, plus other versions from around the world

> Soda - they have an amazing selection of rootbeers and other oddballs to rival anything I've ever seen. I mean, signs never lie, right?

> Pies - if you want to make your family happy, serve pie. They have fresh and frozen (take n' bake) available, in a number of varieties

> Kitsch - this place oozes nostalgia

Oh, and don't forget...
> Apples - more varieties than you can shake a stick at, all loaded into bags and ready to go in the retail store.

Don't forget this either - they only take cash or check, but they have 5 ATMs in the store in case you forget. They will be open this season until December 2nd, so plan it out right and get everything for your fall needs here.

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