MN State Fair, Odd Balls

No public event of this size is complete without some wack-a-doos from the general population of the US and, in this case, Minnesota specifically.

And this fair did not disappoint. I escpecially liked/was frightened by the woman smoking and drinking beer, while intoxicated, and while using a walker down the streets! Then again, maybe she's really on to something... Why not use a walker when you know you're going to get stumble-drunk at a public event? Smart.

Plus, plenty of other "fun" things to see at the fair:
Though I may never fully understand this, I think I have it figured out. They make sculptures, out of butter, for each of the women in the "court" at the fair. You can see the sculptor's legs behind this "butter bust" as she's in the chilled cooler scultping another woman, who is also sitting right there in the cooler... winter coat on and all. This is NOT a joke.

Gander Moutntain, smart as they are, decided to set-up a "Relaxation Station" in their area. Boy oh boy was it well-used. 

This guy could have slept through a snowstorm.

And were you in the market for a beer bottle night light? You know, so you can find the toilet when you get up to hurl...

You're right, I needed one more butter sculpture pic!

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