Bar La Grassa, Minneapolis, MN

I've heard such good things about this restaurant and only minor negatives, like "always busy", that it was high-time I went and tried it for myself. And boy was I glad I did...
While this might have seemed like a seat "in the back", I was kind of pumped to see the hustle and bustle of the kitchen staff. They didn't seem to have much of a lull the whole time we were there... cool hats too.
Pretty simple Italian menu... go from left to right and keep eating. We tried our best.
Even the bread was top notch and fresh... I added table salt to our sweet-cream butter though
THIS IS THE ONE TO GET - Soft Eggs with Lobster Bruschetta. WOW! This was like a fancy version of a lobster roll... if it was made with eggs. At $18 for this appetizer, I still think it was a steal
Gnocchi with Cauliflower and Orange seems to get a lot of press, but I wasn't terribly impressed. Not much cauliflower and not a very pronounced orange flavor, at least on my palate. Of course, there were many competing flavors during the course of this meal... and the gnocchi itself would make an Italian grandmother cry - bravo!
Bucatini with Bolognese... now this is what an Italian craves and it hit the spot - Mamma Mia!
Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme (L) Nutella Banana Roll-Up thingy (R)...though I forget the fancy French word for it. Both very good, but lets face it... it has dark chocolate and "de creme", it's like one of the best puddings ever.
If you have any reason or whim to visit this establishment, don't be like me and wait for the right time, just go. You won't be disappointed. There are seats in the back bar (looking over the kitchen) and front bar, which can keep the need for a special occasion at bay while you try their gastronomic delights after work or on a weeknight. I even saw people dressed MN-casual and no one seemed to bat an eye.

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