Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

I have mixed feelings about this trip, but overall this is a great science museum. Looking back I made two critical errors and wound up spending too much money for it... but it was my first trip and I didn't know any better. I'll know better next time and can help you avoid any issues when you go.
To start, this place is quite big. Many floors of fun and exploration for kids and adults alike. The money I spent on the $28 ticket went to general admission, a 36-minute IMAX movie, and timed entry into a special exhibit. I hadn't done enough research going in (mistake #1) and basically blindly bought all the passes (mistake #2).
The IMAX and special exhibit were on the Maya. Now, I have nothing against the Maya as a culture and people, but do I really need a double-dose of the Maya history in a single 2-3 hour visit? Sorry, I don't. Looking back, I would choose to do the Maya IMAX movie and forego the seemingly sparse special exhibit.
I also did not have enough time to check out the normal exhibits in the museum in depth and would gladly go back, pay for general admission, and do that on a rainy (or snowy) day. I should have plenty of opportunities real soon.
Looking down from Level 5 (I think). The layout is inverted as you walk in from very high at street level and then go down in the museum to river level
You can just see the dino bones from here

Pretty intricate work for centuries old stuff

I don't vividly recall seeing dinosaur bones from my youth, but even if I did, they have an impressive display. One of their sets is one of only four complete sets known to exist in the world
And I had no real idea how HUGE Triceratops really was/is. This thing is massive. They do not like it when you try to "ride it like a bull", I found out later...

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