MN State Fair, Entry & Foods

I made it!

The Minnesota StateFair, or as they like to say, "The Great Minnesota Get-Together". I had a great tourguide and her mother too. It made for a helpful and less stressful day overall.

A quick look at down some of the concourses.:
In case you haven't heard about it - All You Can Drink Milk during your Fair visit for only $1! "...Milk was a bad choice!"

The throngs of pasty and soft Americans...
Here's my own food list as the day went on:

- Breakfast Sausage Pancake-Wrapped "Corn Dogs" with Maple Syrup, $5 for 3pcs (1 had 2pcs)
- French Meadow Chocolate Croissant, just a big bite from a shared purchase
- Red Velvet Funnel Cake, $8 for a 9" wide, 1" thick monster funnel cake
- Mancini's Meatball "Chicetti", $6
- Mancini's Original Steak Sandwich on buttered foccia, $9
- Peroni Beer, $4.75 for 12oz.

I know O could have done much worse and am proud of myself for not doing so... and also a little disappointed.

Yes, this was one of the best stand-up breakfasts I ever ate... syrup included.

Can you say, "Red Velvet Funnel Cake"? This is worth finding and trying if you ever get the chance.

Not enough Fair for you? No problem. Stayed tuned the next two nights for two new posts. Thank me later.

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