Mill City Live, Chastity Brown, Minneapolis, MN

Wow, what a great artist/event for me to pretty much stumble into on a Wednesday night, held in one of the most iconic and historic buildings in Minneapolis, the Mill City Museum. And the cherry on top of this cultural sundae, all for $5. Easily the best sawbuck I've spent in a long long time. The voice, the writing, the atmosphere...get the to a Mill City Live, and double-time if Ms. Brown is playing.
Event: Mill City Live 2013
Artist: Chastity Brown (Go here! Listen to her music! I double-dog dare you...)
The "ruins" of the old flour mill and the museum's outside
Nope, not Greece, Minneapolis.
"...early in the mornin', late in the evenin', anytime in the afternoon..." (I swear this was a camera from this century)

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