Thank You.

I had the distinct (dis)pleasure of moving my apartment recently, so much fun. But, one of the nice things to come out of it was going through some boxes I hadn't been through since I'd moved to WI a year ago. A couple of those boxes came a few months later, having left some things behind in MN. 

I finally got into the one with the marking below and was delighted to find my cheap, innocuous wine glass packed like I've never seen before. We're talking pristine packing. I loved it.

Nicely and clearly labelled individual compartment in a large box...

You gotta use the old divider thingy...

TWO PIECES of padding material PER GLASS!!! One stuffed inside and around the top, the other wrapped around the entire glass and taped down with masking tape. It was all a work of packing art.

Of course, these items were shipped via UPS, so they needed the support. I can say they all made it intact... until I went to put them away. 

Out of all the glasses, I only have sentimental attachment to a pair from a World Cup MTB race in the late 1990 or early 2000's. As luck would have it, having unpackaged them all and placed them on the counter until putting away, I smacked one on the very shelf it was destined to go on, break it into a few pieces. Ah well, at least one still survives.

I wanted to write the words of thanks for this packing care, even if the packer was doing their normal level of wrapping, or never reads or hears about this ending.

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