Chazen Museum of Art, #4 - The Art, "Other", Madison, WI

There were some pieces during my visit that were interesting enough for me to take pics of, but did not fit into the contemporary or modern category, at least in my mind they didn't. So, with this last post from the Chazen, you get a bit of a hodgepodge of artwork, enjoy...

This one sits somewhat forbiddingly out front of the museum... perhaps it does get people to stop and even stop in to the museum though... I liked it. Where's Johnny Depp?

In the area of older works, the one below caught my eye for the use of the color white, and the color in general. I find many older paintings, from the 1500-1800s to be very dark. I believe this happened to have to be that way as the pigments for white paint are relatively new. So, you don't see much white on older works.

This lady caught my attention, well, because she's nude... but not just because she's nude, please. She's nude, carrying a bow, and walking a really big dog! I thought all of that together was kind of an odd pairing, but what do I know? Maybe you had to walk your dog naked back in ancient times... or maybe it's really fun to do do even today. Try it.

And after seeing one odd nude thing... the brain can't not see another. Who would have ever thought it using a strung, taught bow weapon while naked? Seems like an especially bad pose and angle to me too. Ouch! You didn't see the samurai falling for that s@#t.

And finally, to book end this "odd" section, I'll finish with another skull. I liked this one as well, and to be clear, both of them are at least 5-feet tall and pretty dang hard to miss.

I'm going to have to keep my eye on this place, for the next temporary/special exhibit and to go see anything else I missed during my initial trip.

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