Chicago Eats!

I thought I'd just post a quick review of a recent 24-hours in Chicago. The city is amazing in the summer and the food matches the big shoulders of the city too.

A refreshing, comp'ed Arnie Palmer as I sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for friends, thanks, Aloft.

Lunch has begun! Revolution Brewery's restaurant was a fine first stop. 5 samplings, one and a half donuts and a breakfast burger later and I was full.

Espresso-Chocolate, made on-site in their 2nd floor bakery, along with all breads served in the place.

Love an egg on a burger.

A quick afternoon stop at Links on Milwaukee provided us with a great spot to try some new beers. A pretty "connected" bar, they had Untapped reviews streaming live above the beer list, kinda cool.

Though I've missed anything from the dinner that night at Little Goat Diner, I did manage to have enough patience to take some pics of brunch at Beatrix the next morning...

Steak Chimichuri & Eggs, with Shishito peppers - perfectly done, so good.

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