The Victory, Madison, WI

On a recent and gorgeous Saturday morning, since I was under the weather, I decided to head out for a walk and see if the sun didn't make me feel a bit better. It had a good effect and once I'd gotten a good bit from home, I decided to see if I could get some hot tea to see if that could continue my "feel better" streak. Thanks to Google Maps, I found a very nice coffee shop close by and walked right in for a cup of their White Apricot Ginger tea.

Friendly staff, a full menu, nice patrons, and even pooch-friendly will keep this place on my short list for neighborhood spots. They are cash-only, but the proprietor said I could just pay him next time, luckily I had enough cash for the tea that visit. Still, kinda unheard of this day and age.

They make an "authentic" Hawaiian Shaved ice... U'm going to have to go back for one of those AND they offer Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, one of the area's favorites.

Cool stool, Dude.

This guy below was all muscle... and probably the biggest one was his heart. We wanted to see everyone that came in and would have loved to have had you pet him too. Plus, he sat right in the walkway, so you couldn't help but get down to his level and pet him. Smart dog.

I don't normally comment on bathrooms, but I liked theirs enough to mention it... nice to see a decent restroom in a small business.

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