Over Easy, Omaha, NE

My brother and sister-in-law had been touting this place for weekday breakfast and lunch eats for as long as they've had kids, since it's near the pediatrician. Virtually every time they see the doctor, they stop here and get a meal. Of course, they also send us pics of all the food they're eating, every time. As luck would have it, we were in the right area to grab a late lunch when I was recently in Omaha, finally!

We can learn a lot about the place from their signage:

Seems like they have a nice story to tell, and good food to share, so I jumped in.

I decided to go for the breakfast side of the menu, but I'm told both sides are equally as good. I went in for their avocado toast with "hash brown rounds", and they did not disappoint. I might have eaten them faster than my pie-eating days.

To cap off this meal, I decided we could all use their edition of a Pop Tart. They have a seasonal version on the menu each day, but it had already sold out, so I had to (poor me) order one of their Nutella Pop Tarts. It was really tasty, and a pretty small serving when you split it b/w four people.

They had a nice clean sheet of white butcher paper on each table, and offer crayons so kids (or adult kids) can draw while they wait for their food to arrive. And we did have to wait. We don't know if it was the last few tables of the day, the weekend crew, or something else... but my family commented that normal weekdays are run smoothly and the food is very consistent.

In the end, it seemed like a very nice neighborhood spot to have where you live/work, and I would absolutely go back and try more of their menu options.

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