Papillion-La Vista Fire & Rescue #2, Omaha, NE

A quick shout-out on the ole blog to the fine fireman that showed us around his station last month. 
We had dragged out the whole crew, including a 2-year old and a newborn. Our tour guide did a great job with all of us, finding neat things for each of us to identify with: 

2-year old - hose and water spraying, plus almost everything else... oh, and popcorn
Dad - Halligan, plus most everything
Mom - hearing about her brother's days and duties, from her brother
Newborn - well, pretty breezy place to sleep
Myself - pretty much all of it. The engine is just rad

It was a very cool hour or so. The job is no joke either.

The top of their rig really did look like the movie scene in Backdraft, 1000ft. of hose

Jaws of Life, air ram, and shears... all powered by a compressor and generator kept on the truck

Let's hope this video can play...

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