Memorial Mile, Madison, WI

As I came home from a Memorial weekend spent out of town, I noticed a large number of these small white "tombstones" along my street. I quickly got the gist of the idea, but was pretty amazed at the length of the art installation. It is called the Memorial Mile here in Madison, and seemed to be about that long on the Atwood Avenue corridor, near Olbrich Gardens and Park.

I was glad to step out and get some pics of it on a recent Saturday, as I came back from this walk, they were pulling all of it up and had I not gotten them on the way out, it would have been too late. Phew.

From what I could see, they didn't have all Us wars, but only the ones from this century, I believe. Still the amount of men and women we've lost, laid out like they have, is pretty impactful.

I didn't shoot in sequence or in completion either, it would simply be too much, but I hope this gives some idea of their work and the impact of these wars.

Taking a note off their signs above, I believe you can find out more at VeteransForPeace.Org

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