Stalzy's Deli, Madison, WI

After the hot tea, I needed some real food, and needed to be able to use a debit card. I knew this deli was across the street, and again, it seemed like high time I went in too. Having worked in a deli-bakery in my late teens, I was curious to see how this local version stood up.

They talked a big game, and I have to say, I was eager to try the sandwich I'd picked out ahead of time online, The Brooklyn Breakfast.

They did not have a beer tap at the deli I worked in... probably for the best.

Service was pretty typical for Madison, not "amazingly fast", but friendly and helpful. They took my order within about 10 minutes, I grabbed a beverage out of the self-service cooler and sat at the counter (pretty old-school, and just like the Victory had too). They had plenty to look at while I waited another maybe 10-15 minutes for my order to arrive, and a lot of it reminded me of my days working in the deli in Skokie, IL.

Fresh baked bread is a good sign in any deli, imo. There's no sound quite like a bread-slicing machine in full flight. It's unmistakable.

And when the Brooklyn Breakfast arrived, which consists of Pastrami, a Fried Egg, Brown Mustard, and in my case Muenster cheese, I was ready to devour it... did I mention I was feeding a cold too?

Not even the pickle had a chance of escape.

While I didn't manage to take a picture of it, you can bet their sweets case was very well appointed and both a chocolate covered and plain macaroon both made their way home with me. They were excellent as well, perhaps some of the best I've ever had.

I'll be back to Stalzy's soon, and would be happy to bring out-of-town guests as well.

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