The Commodore, St. Paul, MN

It happened. A friend told me about a place I'd never heard of. And it wasn't like it some new hip club or fantastic bar, it's a restaurant and bar in St. Paul Minnesota that's been there since 1921, The Commodore. 

So, I did what anyone would do in my situation, I had to visit. We went there on a terribly rainy & windy evening, but were pleasantly surprised by their unique, old-school decor, interesting clientele, bountiful beverages, and wonderful food options.

We had drinks and three apps (the food kind, not the phone kind) to tide us over; Lobster Deviled Eggs, Croquettes, and a very traditional Shrimp Cocktail. Everything hit the spot, was thoughtfully prepared, and delicious this night. 

And that doesn't even discuss the actual space. It's a throwback to an early time and no place in the Twin Cities is like it...

(Does that lady even know what an iPhone is?)

And though I would never normally, I have to mention the bathroom. It was a very well done, clean, unique take on something so mundane. I'd like a bathroom in my home one day to look like this...

Who even decorates like this anymore? It was very fun to be ensconced in it, and drink it all in, literally and figuratively. I will be back.

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