Puerto Vallarta, Tequila Night

First of all, and I'm guilty of it myself, it's called "Puerto Vallarta" (PV), not "PuertA Vallarta", or "Puerdo Vallarda". If you know that now, you'll be that much further ahead of the game when you get the call-up from the vacation minors to the big-leagues of vacation destinations. 

International, check. 
Ocean, check. 
Hot weather, check. 
Resort set-up, check. 
Secluded cove wedding, check.
At least one alcohol to country's credit... ow, my liver hurts. 

I arrived in PV in the early afternoon of a Friday. As soon as I stepped off this plane...
... I began to sweat. It was gloriously hot and I had to wait for my friend and airport pickup. No problemo, Señor. I'm on vacation time now and don't mind slowing it down and waiting a bit. 

Once snatched (not by a rogue gang of Mexicans) from the quaint and perfectly perfunctory Ordaz aeropuerto (see what I did there, threw in a bit of my high school Spanish, there will be more), it was a short walk to a non-gouging cab and quick, if not bumpy, ride to PV's very lovely Marriott Casa Magna Resort & Spa. I mean, can it get much better?!?!? You don't see this kind of construction in winter-locked MN. 

We proceeded, quickly, to drop off my bag and change into swim trunks and sunscreen. I did the swimsuit install myself, but quickly learned that spray-on sunscreen at outdoor beaches is ideal...leave that creamy lotion s$&t at home. Next up - Hit. The. Beach. 

("Fat guy on a little rope...") 

After copious amounts of Vitamin D, it was time to meet-up with other wedding attendees and head to dinner, then a cocktail reception to follow. 

We made our way into PV's Old Town, up treacherous and exciting hillsides to a local restaurant called "Ah Carumba!". While I will admit it didn't look like much from the outside, as soon as you hit their backside, ocean-facing deck, the game was on. This was an amazing view to take in a glorious PV sunset. But, don't take my palabra for it...

The food was good, not great, but good. I'd also come to find out the service level in Mexico is above-average and attentive, but not prompt. It's something to get used to for most Americans, but also a subtle way to remind you you're on vacation. 

Alright, some more gratuitous sunset shots...

After a relaxed dinner, with a margarita or two, it was time to meet much of the wedding roster for a cocktail reception. This was just a short, albeit steep, walk from the dinner spot to a place named "Si Señor". 

Turns out to be another gorgeous Old Town spot, and inside also surprises with old steps leading up to many hidden levels. True to the blog post title, the tequila really began to flow.  Each of us were handed glass goblets of a lime-laden base drink, where upon a waiter would walk over to you and physically pour straight tequila into the brew. It was very good at the outset, but packed a wallop by night's end. Dios mio!

Pics at this time of "Tequila Night" were becoming less numerous, less quality, and more for keeping out of a public blog. I'll let your imaginations run away, but add a few of the useable ones...

Yeah, I don't think you want me to explain. I do know one of the feet, but my old wrinkled feet didn't make the cut. 

The evening ended with a relatively short, bumpy cab ride back to the hotel, with only a short stop at an ATM so yours truly could withdraw some pesos...and pay the cabbie.

Having enjoyed meeting the wedding party and tucked into bed, I couldn't wait for the events of the next day, when everyone would be taking a charter boat to a hidden cove for the ceremony and reception. Sign. Me. Up.  

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