Puerto Vallarta, The Wedding

Ever thought of a destination wedding? I've missed my fair share over the years (sorry!), but this time I was welcomed at the last minute with open arms, pretty much literally. And was I ever glad. I couldn't think of a more perfect night with a more perfect group of friends and family (of which I didn't really belong to either group). They mentioned during one of the toasts that due to the expense of the weekend they trimmed a guest list down from 300+ to 60 people, and made damn sure they kept the 60 people they knew would have lasted the whole night as if all 300 were invited. They nailed it. 

For me, it did at times feel like I was barging in on a private event, but not ever due to others, just because I'm my mother's son and we don't go places without invites. 

To set the scene for the night, think of a movie-like private cove, set-up and staffed only for you, your soon-to-be, your wedding party and those sixty close guests. 

It was idyllic, secluded, and romantic all at once. And of course, it could only be reached by boat...

Nope, not this one. 

This one neither. 

We gathered in the PV marina by late afternoon, waiting for the charter boat to arrive. It would hold the entire group, and hand out drinks for the entire ~45 minute ride to the destination. Lots to see in the marina, plus some small shops.

With the boat docked and all of us boarded and accounted for, we set out for Las Caletas (The Coves). Plenty to see while we watched the waves go by too, plus a hearty breeze in our faces. 

As the ride came to a close, we all got a good look at the place we'd spend the evening at, it was jaw-dropping...

Once docked, we made our way off the boat and up the paths to the end of the coves. We would have the last cove all to ourselves all night long. Ceremony, reception, beach front dance floor, it was bananas. 

Due to the time of year, sunlight went pretty fast, but the staff had set-up candles and torches all over the cove. I don't think most of of thought it could get prettier at night, but it did. 

I will refrain from sharing details and people pics of the couples' night, but suffice it to say even more tequila was drunk (a fitting word) and everyone one had an amazing night. 

Two surprises of the evening:
1. Our waiter was pretty cheeky as soon as we sat down for dinner, and at one point said to me, "Hold out your hand?"  Thinking he was going to put a gold doubloon from Goonies in my hand, I did it. Well, no gold for me, just the most active hermit crab we'd ever seen. We dubbed him "Sebastian" and he hung out with us for ~30 minutes or so. 

2. Caletas arranged a pair of fire dancers for a late night treat, which started about 10:30pm. They were legit. 

Soon after the fire dancers, the last song was played, and our hosts invited us to get back on the boat for the somewhat shorter trip back. We made our way in the dark, lit by candles, back onto the vessel. All of us were tired (fine, maybe just me), but extremely happy. And on the boat they had more drinks. Yikes!!!

What to do when you get back to the hotel? Midnight ocean swim of course. 

The Boardwalk night is next. Be ready. 

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